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Rhea Seehorn on Reuniting with Vince Gilligan for His Next Show

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Rhea Seehorn on Reuniting with Vince Gilligan for His Next Show

Rhea Seehorn had fantastically played Kim Wexler for the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, and it’s been announced that she will lead the next series from BB creator Vince Gilligan.

We don’t have any official details about the project yet, but in a recent interview with THR, Seehorn opens up a bit about reuniting with the crew of Better Call Saul. She says:

“[Vince Gilligan] said, “Well, I actually wrote something for you if you’re interested.” (Seehorn mimics Gilligan’s Southern drawl.) And then I literally cried. I just started bawling. (Laughs.) He said that there is this thing that’s been brewing and stewing in his head for a while. There were these different elements of the story, but it wasn’t quite working. So you’d have to ask him, but he said at some point along the way of doing Better Call Saul, he was watching me, getting to know me, getting to know the way I work and realized that he should write it for me. And then it started to work, which is how he explained it. I’m sweating saying it because it’s a flattery and a compliment that is almost hard to accept.”

For anyone expecting a series about Kim’s adventures after the events of Better Call Saul, Gilligan has already said that it was time to close the book on his Albuquerque ‘Meth-verse’. With Gilligan having spent more than a decade just fleshing out that world, it’s curious what other show he could have in mind for Seehorn to star in.

I’m just hoping we get the return of some other faces from Breaking Bad. They don’t have to play the same characters, but it’s always great to see some familiar faces. Maybe we can finally have that Bill Burr cameo that was supposed to be in BCS. Hopefully he has time off from his Mandalorian schedule to show up.

No release date has been set for Gilligan’s next show, but you can watch out for Seehorn in Linoleum which hits theaters March 28.

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