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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – Miyagi-Do


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - Miyagi-Do

[00:00:30] Back in 1985, Daniel fell in love with Kumiko. It was during this time that Daniel met another rival, Chozen. Chozen really liked Kumiko, but she didn’t like him back. Kumiko liked Daniel, which was a blow to Chozen’s honor. Chozen and Daniel fought to the death. Chozen chose death, but Daniel showed mercy and didn’t land the killing blow. Thirty years after, Daniel faces Chozen again, but this time as his friend. Daniel thought Chozen was there to kick his ass, but he bows in front of him and shows how mature he has grown over the last thirty years.

[00:02:30] Johnny walks to Carmen’s apartment to help Miguel with his training. He sees Miguel undergoing physical therapy. Johnny feels the therapist is lame and his words are all crap, but Carmen tells Johnny that she wants Miguel to be seen by an actual medical professional. Johnny apologizes to Carmen for his actions and leaves. Meanwhile, Kreese talks with Robby and tells him a story about Johnny’s glory days. He came to recruit Robby, but he‘s fine with seeding his head with poison instead. Kreese explains that the Miyagi-Do way is great for tournaments, but it‘s shit in the real world. He tells Robby that he must learn to strike first to survive.

[00:05:30] Miyagi-Do resumes training at the dojo, but Amanda discovers what Sam is up to. She dismisses the training and asks Sam for an explanation. Sam tells Amanda that Karate is not the problem, and if she thinks it‘s the problem, she has not paid attention. Meanwhile, Kumiko called Chozen over so he can talk with Daniel. Kumiko tells Daniel that Chozen has changed, but he doesn’t believe her. She leaves Daniel with Chozen so they can get to know each other for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Miguel is done with physical therapy, so Johnny steps in with basic training.

[00:09:30] Johnny wants Miguel to recover, but he already doubts his strength. Miguel doesn’t believe he can walk again, which needs to change. Meanwhile, Chozen shows Daniel around the island and takes him to the local Miyagi-Do dojo. Daniel is amazed there‘s a dojo in the area. Chozen reveals that the same sensei taught Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Sato. Mr. Sato taught Chozen which makes him and Daniel Karate cousins. Daniel sees the crane technique at the Okinawa dojo and another scroll that Chozen refuses to show Daniel because he‘s a foreigner. It‘s the secrets of the Miyagi-Do dojo.

[00:12:00] Daniel says Mr. Miyagi never treated him as a foreigner. Chozen tells Daniel they must see what he’s made of and if he’s ready to learn the secrets of Miyagi-Do. Meanwhile, Robby is researching John Kreese and what really happened between Daniel and Johnny thirty years ago. He also checks his emails and finds many messages from Sam. He‘s about to respond when Shawn Payne pulls the plug on his computer. Robby is about to strike back when one of the guards enters the break room and tells everyone to return to their bunks. The fight has to wait as Robby doesn’t want to get into more trouble.

[00:14:00] Hawk and his friends are causing trouble everywhere. There‘s no one left to stop them because Miyagi-Do isn’t active. Chris is working at the arcade when Cobra Kai shows up. They steal a few items from the store, so he sends Sam a message for help. Sam agrees to meet Chris at the arcade. Meanwhile, Johnny ups the ante on helping Miguel. He sets his foot on fire, hoping that Miguel will muster all his strength to get his leg to move. The plan didn’t work. Miguel didn’t feel a thing even if his foot was on fire. Johnny puts the fire out with an extinguisher and moves on with his next plan.

[00:17:00] Chozen and Daniel put on their gis and spar. Daniel loses to Chozen and discovers that Mr. Miyagi didn’t teach him everything about Miyagi-do karate. Chozen shows Daniel the offensive capabilities of Miyagi-Do which is still leaning into a defensive state. Miyagi-Do’s secret technique is using pressure points to render the enemy useless. It‘s an offense designed to stop an enemy without using brute or deadly force. Daniel is humbled, and he thinks Chozen will end him. Chozen gets a laugh at Daniel, who was really worried for a second. Daniel asks Chozen to teach him the secret techniques. Chozen agrees without any hesitation.

[00:20:30] Johnny searches the internet for ways to get Miguel’s leg to start working again. He stops searching because he hears someone crying outside his apartment. He peeks out the window and sees Carmen crying her heart out. Johnny goes out to console Carmen. He assures Carmen everything will be alright and that Miguel can walk again. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do arrives at the arcade to get payback. They aren’t on school property, so they can take the fight to Cobra Kai. They follow Hawk and his friends into an old part of the arcade and challenge them to a fight.

[00:23:00] Back at juvie hall, Robby enters the break room where the bullies are staying. He decides to strike first and deal with them once and for all. Robby takes care of the two bullies, but Shawn is a hard nut to crack. The match spills into the hallways, alerting the guards. They rush over to put an end to the fight. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do is cornered by Cobra Kai. They brought the fight to Hawk and his friends, but Tory arrived with backup. Miyagi-Do is outnumbered, and Sam chickens out of the fight upon hearing Tory’s voice. She can’t do anything to help her friends, so they suffer the consequences. The guys gang up on Chris, and Hawk breaks Demetri’s arm.

[00:26:30] Chozen part ways with Daniel. He gives him the scroll as a gift. Daniel forgives Chozen for what happened between them thirty years ago. It means a great deal to Chozen as he felt really shameful after what happened. Mr. Sato gave Chozen another chance to redeem himself, and he’s been doing so ever since. Daniel is happy that Chozen changed and hopes that Johnny will do the same. It will take a great deal for Johnny to change, but he‘s already on the right path.

[00:29:00] Johnny brings Miguel to a Dee Snider concert. Miguel doesn’t understand how a rock concert is part of his training. Johnny says it isn’t; they‘re just there for fun. He opens a few cans of beer and celebrates life with Miguel. Meanwhile, Amanda comes to Sam’s rescue. They‘re at the hospital because Hawk broke Demetri’s arm. Sam just wanted to show Cobra Kai that they couldn’t bully them, but they took things to the next level. Sam regrets bringing Miyagi-Do to fight. She couldn’t stop Cobra Kai, so her friends suffered because of her weakness.

[00:31:00] Back in juvie hall, Robby makes a new friend in Shawn, who didn’t snitch on him. Meanwhile, Miguel and Johnny have the time of their lives at the concert. Johnny sees Miguel tap his feet again at the sound of rock. He points out to Miguel that his feet are moving. Miguel can’t believe it, but he rejoices to the heavens that he can walk again.

[00:33:00] Daniel meets up with Kumiko again. This time she brought a friend — Yuna — the girl Daniel saved during the typhoon in Okinawa. Kumiko pulls a few strings to get Yuna, but it‘s worth it. Yuna works for Doyona International as the senior vice president of sales. It‘s the miracle Daniel is waiting for. Daniel offers Yuna a drink, so she gladly accepts. Yuna tells Daniel she’s about to save his business. Daniel couldn’t be any happier upon hearing Yuna’s words.

[00:35:30] Amanda visits the Cobra Kai dojo. She issues a warning to Kreese so the attacks will stop. She tells Kreese she will see that Cobra Kai is shut down for good. Kreese won’t back down from a fight, especially from Amanda. Johnny and Miguel happily return to the apartment to show Carmen he can finally move his feet. It‘s a good day for Miguel as he‘s one step closer to walking again. Johnny reminds him not to get too cocky because he still needs to get up from his wheelchair. He returns to his apartment and opens his Facebook on his laptop.

[00:37:00] Johnny sees the picture Miguel tagged on his profile. He sees someone sent him a friend request. He checks the request and sees it‘s Ali. Johnny happily accepts the request; he can finally view Ali’s profile. Johnny couldn’t be any happier seeing Ali‘s picture. It‘s like he‘s a teenager again.

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