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Simu Liu on Where He Wants the Shang-Chi Sequel to Go

BY Brandon

Published 3 years ago

Simu Liu on Where He Wants the Shang-Chi Sequel to Go

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was a big surprise when it came out in theaters, and it ended up being one of the biggest earners in 2021. With the sequel greenlit, star Simu Liu talks about where he wants the story to go this time around.

In an interview with Complex Canada, Liu says he wants to explore what Shaun wants to do now that he’s in possession of the ten rings. He says:

“I think just what Shaun decides to do with all this newfound power, you know?… It kind of consumed his father, consumed Wenwu. I’m curious as to how someone much younger, much more inexperienced, would fare against the rings. Just this idea of all of a sudden being gifted something that’s so powerful but also so dangerous.”

By the end of the movie, the origin of the ten rings is actually teased, and though it’s possible that it could come from the Eternals, they didn’t really connect that dot when it came to the Eternals film.

Besides the exploration of Shaun’s newfound power, Liu also wants a new team-up to happen with an established hero. “And then the other big question I have is, you know, in what way does Shaun fit in with the rest of the MCU? Who are you going to see? What kind of crazy team-ups? What kinda tie-ins, Easter eggs?” said Liu. Though we did get to see Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner in the mid-credits, one hero that a lot of people expect Shaun to team-up with is another martial artist. Personally I would like Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) Iron Fist to be revisited, like they did with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in No Way Home; but maybe they can have Shaun team up with Daredevil himself since he already made his MCU re-debut.

Word also has it that director Destin Daniel Cretton wants to have Jackie Chan in the sequel, and while I’m sure he can play a funny mentor character, I would actually love to see him try out a villain role. Hopefully, Chan is up for it.

For now, no release has been set for the Shang-Chi sequel, but the next MCU film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, hits theaters on May 6.

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