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Money Heist Season 3 Episode 1 Recap


Published 6 months ago

Money Heist Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

[00:00:15] Arturo became a superstar. He went on stage as a motivational speaker. Because of the heist, Arturo gained fame and prosperity as people called him a hero. Arturo humbly told the crowd that he wasn’t a hero, merely a person who refused to kneel to terrorists. He insulted the robbers, comparing them to rats who were still in hiding. Meanwhile, Rio and Tokyo were enjoying their dream island vacation. Arturo also told the crowd about Helsinki who attached explosives to his chest, he hoped that Helsinki would feel guilt and remorse. Rather than guilt or remorse, Helsinki and Nairobi felt joy and excitement as they attended a festival in Argentina.

[00:03:40] Arturo also recalled his so called attack on Denver. He told the crowd that he had only had a pair of scissor whereas Denver had been carrying an M16. He gave himself credit, saying it was because of his heroic act that the first hostages were able to escape. Furthermore, Arturo admitted to the crowd that he had cheated and lost the love of his life, Monica Gaztambide. Arturo told them that he thought of his son every single day. Across the world, Monica and her son enjoyed their moments with Denver. Arturo finally ended his talk by pointing out that everyone was a hostage of their problems, and they needed to face their problems in order to set themselves free.

[00:05:30] Tokyo headed over to their hammock to rest after swimming. Rio decided to stay as he was spear fishing. After a while, Tokyo rejoined Rio and sat on the beach. Rio mentioned that they had been there for two years; however, Tokyo didn’t seem happy living in paradise for that long. Rio understood what Tokyo meant and asked her if she needed some fresh air. Tokyo wanted to leave and get back to the real world. She told him that it could just be for a short while, but it would be better to think of it as forever.

[00:07:50] Tokyo packed her stuff and said goodbye to the local folk. Rio went back to their hut and opened a crate; he then grabbed a satellite phone. He gave the phone to Tokyo, telling her that it would be their means of communication. Rio wrote his number along with the words I love you on the back of the phone. Tokyo then kissed Rio goodbye as she got on the boat and left.

[00:10:00] Tokyo partied as if there was no tomorrow. Rio on the other hand waited for her to return. Three days had gone by and Rio kept waiting for Tokyo to call. Growing impatient, Rio decided to call Tokyo; however, he couldn’t reach her. As soon as Rio called, he appeared on Europol’s satellite. They wasted no time and began tracking his position.

[00:12:00] Tokyo noticed the time and immediately called Rio. Europol tracked their locations and informed Colonel Prieto. He immediately instructed his officers to contact the Panamanian police. Police units headed to their locations to apprehend them. Tokyo and Rio continued their conversation. Suddenly Rio saw patrol boats approaching the island. At the same time, Tokyo heard police sirens approaching her. Rio ran to the hut and got a huge case while Tokyo ran for her life. Rio opened the case and took out an RPG. He couldn’t pick a target as multiple boats approached the island. Meanwhile, Tokyo ran through the alleyways, hiding and dodging the police. Colonel Prieto listened through his phone as the events unfolded. The police surround Tokyo’s location as Rio lowered the RPG and surrendered.

[00:16:30] The police entered the courtyard only to find a dog with a satellite phone strapped to it’s neck. Colonel Prieto sat on the edge of his bed with a look of disbelief. Tokyo had evaded the police, or so she thought. Armed men continued to chase her as she emerged through the forest. She felt guilty as she thought of the joyous moments she had spent with Rio.

[00:18:00] Three years ago the crew entered international waters and celebrated. While the team popped champagne bottles, Sergio instructed them to finish up and follow him. Sergio gave them portfolios with information about their safe houses, he added that no one should disclose the information to other team members for their safety. Rio noticed numbers written on a white board. Sergio explained that the numbers were for emergency purposes.

[00:20:00] Tokyo called the number assigned to their continent and looked for her carrier. Previously, Sergio explained that each number was registered to a carrier. The carrier’s role was to safely transport them back to Sergio when an emergency arose. The carrier escorted Tokyo to Thailand where Sergio was waiting. Sergio met Tokyo inside a temple. She asked if Rio had already reached out. Sergio told Tokyo that he hadn’t heard from him. Sergio and Tokyo rode a motorcycle out of the area.

[00:24:25] Raquel ran through the woods to reach the beach. She was in Palawan along with her mother and daughter. It looked as though her mother’s Alzheimer’s had gotten worse. Sergio informed Raquel that they needed to pack up their things and hide within Mindanao. He told Raquel that Tokyo had arrived, and they had urgent matters to attend to.

[00:26:15] Raquel went to the beach to find Tokyo. Tokyo saw Raquel and went straight for her. Raquel wasn’t going to back down as she rushed towards Tokyo as well. Sergio made it in time to stop Tokyo from reaching Raquel. She wanted to know what Raquel was doing there. Raquel answered that she had changed sides. Tokyo told her that only traitors changed sides and that they could choose to change sides anytime they wanted. Tokyo told Sergio that Raquel would betray him. Sergio assured Tokyo that Raquel will not betray him. Tokyo wanted proof, but Sergio couldn’t provide any. Tokyo told Sergio that he was only sure because of the sex.

[00:27:10] Raquel slapped Tokyo. She told Tokyo that she was part of the team and introduced herself as Lisbon. Tokyo told Raquel that they wouldn’t get along. Sergio invited them for tea to end their bickering. Tokyo informed Sergio what had happened between her and Rio. She informed Sergio how Rio had been arrested eleven days ago. Tokyo told Sergio that they had gotten the satellite phones from a Libyan at the port of Casablanca. Raquel explained that the vendor must have tipped the police in return for a hefty reward. Tokyo wondered why there wasn’t any news regarding Rio. Tokyo feared that the police were torturing Rio. Raquel mentioned that Rio could only be kept incommunicado for seventy-two hours.

[00:29:20] Raquel confirmed that the police would torture Rio. She explained further that any democratic country had room to play dirty to suit their needs. Tokyo disagreed; she told them that it was already the 21st century and torture methods should already be outdated. Sergio told her otherwise. He explained that torture methods were still being used by many governments and their different agencies, like the CIA. Tokyo begged Sergio to help Rio. He asked Tokyo if they had bought any more phones. Tokyo told him that Helsinki had also bought a phone. Sergio needed to gather everyone to ensure their safety.

[00:30:30] Tokyo chased Sergio. She wanted to know if he was going to help Rio. Sergio told her the hard truth; they couldn’t help Rio as they had no information on him whatsoever. Rio was indeed being tortured. He was strung up in chains. A man in a ski mask doused him with a bucket of water. Sergio stood on a dock waiting for someone to arrive. It was Denver along with Monica and her son. Denver hugged Sergio as tight as he could. Sergio greeted Monica. Denver told him that they had already gotten married.

[00:32:00] Denver saw Tokyo and gave her a hug. She carried Monica’s son as they greeted each other. They boarded a boat and prepared to leave. As they were leaving, they heard someone shouting for the Professor. It was Helsinki along with Nairobi. They boarded the boat and greeted everyone. Nairobi asked Tokyo for a hug, which she happily provided. Back on the island, they were having dinner when Nairobi asked Tokyo where Rio was. Tokyo answered that he wasn’t coming because he had been arrested. Tokyo explained that Rio had used a satellite phone, which was why the police were able to track him.

[00:33:50] Nairobi asked Tokyo if Rio was in any danger. Sergio answered that Rio wasn’t in any sort of danger. Nairobi reiterated that there were rules. No one was supposed to be in Europe, not to mention no one was supposed to have a phone. Tokyo told them that they needed to rescue Rio. Denver didn’t like the idea; in fact, he contested the idea. He didn’t think they would be able to rescue Rio. On the other hand, Sergio assured them that they would rescue Rio. Denver banged the table in anger. He told Sergio that he owed Sergio for his life and everything that he cherished up until that moment. Denver angrily told them that he hadn’t crossed the world with a baby only to join a suicide mission. He vented his anger to Sergio, telling him that he wouldn’t be able to bring back his father.

[00:35:20] Unfortunately, Denver didn’t want to risk his life for Rio’s mistake. Sergio told them that everyone had made a mistake. He recounted each and every one of their mistakes and what it cost their team. Sergio told them that through every mistake, they helped each other get through them. Even though it cost them Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow, they still prevailed, which was why they needed to stick together and help Rio.

[00:37:00] Raquel joined the conversation. Everyone at the table was shocked that she was there. Tokyo told them that Raquel was one of them. Sergio mentioned that even he had made a mistake, and yet still they were there for him. Sergio felt responsible for what Rio was going through. Nairobi told them that she was going to help Rio. Helsinki also agreed to help. Sergio contemplated the steps that they needed to take to help Rio. Come the morning, Tokyo approached Sergio on the beach. She asked him how they were going to rescue Rio. He told Tokyo that they would begin with a robbery. The target was the national reserve of Spain. Tokyo asked if he had thought of the plan just by staring at the sunrise. He responded that the plan wasn’t his idea.

[00:41:00] Five years before their second heist, Sergio came to Florence, Italy. He came to Italy to meet up with Berlin. He took Sergio inside a monastery and told him about his plan to break into the Bank of Spain. Sergio disapproved of the plan as it was a suicide mission. He explained that they could get to the gold, but they wouldn’t be able to take it with them. Berlin and his associate couldn’t care less about what Sergio explained. To Sergio’s dismay, the two of them were concentrated on the idea of getting to the gold rather than leaving with the gold.

[00:44:00] Berlin proudly showed Sergio a photo of Tatiana. Sergio agreed with Berlin that Tatiana was beautiful. Berlin told Sergio that Tatiana was madly in love, presumably with Berlin. Sergio and his new team headed for the monastery. He never thought that the day would come wherein his brother’s dream would become a reality. Furthermore, the team had gained three new members. Sergio resumed his post as the Professor and reminded everyone about his rules. Firstly, no one would engage in any type of relationships. Everyone laughed given that Raquel was with Sergio. Secondly, no one was to provide their first or last names. Nairobi interrupted Sergio and asked him how they would break into the Bank of Spain. Sergio told them that they needed to make a racket to get inside.

[00:46:45] On the day of the heist, a blimp painted with a Dali mask flew above Madrid. Onlookers were astonished when the blimp opened up and bombarded them with money. As a result, people stormed the streets to pick up money. Everyone gathered and rejoiced even though they didn’t know what was going on.

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