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Spider-Man: Is Jaden Smith in Talks to Play Miles Morales?

BY Brandon

Published 4 months ago

Spider-Man: Is Jaden Smith in Talks to Play Miles Morales?

Though we’ve never seen Miles Morales in the MCU, there have been hints at his existence since Spider-Man: Homecoming. What’s interesting is, some fans are guessing that Marvel may have found someone to play their live-action Miles.

As per CBR, rumors are going around that Jaden Smith (Karate Kid, Neo Yokio) has been in talks to play Miles Morales. This rumor apparently started when @MyTimeToShineH posted on Twitter than Smith has been in talks for an MCU role:

And then Smith just further fuelled the Spider-Man rumors when he posted a photo of himself wearing a movie-accurate Spidey mask:

Of course, this could just be teasing, but it does make sense the way things have been placed in the world of the MCU Spider-Man. Though Miles was only a kid in Homecoming, the Blip  could give him a chance to have aged five years—giving him a closer age to Peter. As of now, Holland is two years older than Smith—it’s not a gap as wide as Peter and Miles in other media, but it can make for a good Spider-Man sibling tandem should they be made to share the screen together.  

Personally, I love the characterization of Miles in Into the Spider-Verse, and it would be great if we can see something like that in live-action. Then again, I am open for some new interpretations of characters, and they could very well go a different direction when it comes to the MCU. Let’s just wait and see when Miles is ready to make his debut.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters.

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