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Stranger Things: Metallica ‘Beyond Psyched’ Over Eddie’s Guitar Scene

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Stranger Things: Metallica ‘Beyond Psyched’ Over Eddie’s Guitar Scene


While the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 had a lot of high moments, one scene that definitely stands out is Eddie Munson’s guitar cover of Metallica’s Master of Puppets. What’s cool is, the scene got the attention of the actual band, and they posted about how ‘stoked’ they were to be part of a pivotal scene from the movie.

Here’s their post on IG:


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A post shared by Metallica (@metallica)

If anything, Stranger Things has never been short of some great ‘needle drop’ moments. Though there are some great song choices in previous seasons, you have to hand it to the series for actually incorporating a Metallica song into the plot. I’m sure the scene alone is going to spawn thousands of new metalheads.

It’s a shame that Eddie should only last for one season of the series, but he does join a Stranger Things tradition of being a fan-favorite that is killed off in the same season they’re introduced. It happened with Barb, then Bob, then Alexei in Season 3.

Eddie Munson may be gone, but I expect him to have some kind of presence in Season 5. There’s no way that the series would just end with only a handful of people knowing he’s a hero and the rest of the town thinking he’s Charles Manson.

Stranger Things 5 is set to come back in 2024, but you can catch the complete Stranger Things 4 now streaming on Netflix.

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