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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – Orgy Pants to Work


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - Orgy Pants to Work

[00:00:20] Maze arrives at Lucifer’s penthouse and sees the aftermath of an orgy. She was away for a few months and missed all the parties and orgies. Eve comes out of Lucifer’s bedroom to hand over some drinks. Eve sees Maze, wondering who she is. Maze tells Eve she isn’t a new girl in Lucifer’s life. Lucifer introduces Eve to Maze. Once again, Eve is surprised to meet someone Lucifer raved about. Eve wants to continue the party, but Lucifer must attend a meeting at work. Lucifer arrives at the precinct and tells Ella all about the orgy. Chloe isn’t pleased to hear Lucifer boning other people, but she doesn’t have any choice. Lucifer is waiting for the meeting to start, but he has already missed the meeting. He thought it was Monday. Dan tells him it’s already Wednesday.

[00:04:00] Maze goes home to Linda; a lot has changed over the past few months. Amenadiel reminds Linda they have a baby class that evening. He points out that the class is for him and Linda only. Maze feels left out. Linda tells her she could attend the next class, but she declines. Maze slides an old toolbox to Linda and tells her she hunted for the toolbox as a gift for her baby. Linda is unsure if she should open the toolbox. Chloe and Dan go to their next case where Ella is already processing the crime scene. Lucifer arrives shortly after with his orgy pants on. Ella sees Lucifer’s ass hanging out of his pants. Chloe reminds him they are at a crime scene for work.

[00:06:30] Lucifer tapes his pants shut using evidence tape. Chloe speaks to Ms. Bassich who fills her in about their victim, Gary Van Blunt. She tells Chloe that Gary’s laptop went missing, containing sensitive information about a few businesses in LA. Ms. Bassich adds that someone has been following Gary. Chloe is looking for security cameras when she sees an artist sketching a drawing of the crime scene. She goes over to talk to the artist and sees her drawings of Gary with another guy who could be their killer. Chloe takes the drawings in hopes of identifying their suspect. She also tells Lucifer his personal life is interfering with their work life. Lucifer turns his phone to silent mode and tells Chloe his personal life will no longer interfere.

[00:09:30] Maze goes to Lux where she finds Eve waiting for Lucifer. They are supposed to watch a Drake concert, but Lucifer is stuck at work. Maze tells Eve she shouldn’t wait for Lucifer. She convinces Eve to party with her instead. Meanwhile, Amenadiel is window shopping for baby clothes. He notices someone is following him. Amenadiel hears the jangling sound of chains as they get louder and louder. Amenadiel enters an alley to hide and wait. He catches the person following him who turns out to be his sister, Remiel. She descends to Earth because she sensed a new celestial baby. Remiel knows Amenadiel is aware of the new celestial. Lucifer arrives at Lux and calls out to Eve, but she isn’t home. Lucifer sees Linda on his couch instead.

[00:12:30] Linda comes to check on him because he canceled three sessions in a row. Lucifer tells Linda heʼs having the best time of his life as he gets to balance work and play. Linda thinks otherwise. She points out that Lucifer is only denying himself the other half of his life when he spends time on the other half. Lucifer tells Linda he achieved perfection in his life, but Linda knows him too well. He leaves Linda on his couch as Chloe texts him about a new lead. Lucifer arrives and Chloe fills him in on the details. The possible suspect is Vince Walker. They didnʼt find his address, but they found his car. Chloe is staking out of the car. Lucifer promises he will help out.

[00:16:00] Remiel thinks Lucifer is the one who impregnated a human. She wants to find the baby and take it back to heaven. Remiel tells Amenadiel that celestials are forbidden to have kids with humans. Remiel is ready to fly off and find the child, but Amenadiel tries to slow her down. He tells Remiel itʼs their first time hunting as brother and sister, so he wants it to be a challenge. She accepts Amenadiel’s offer. He suggests Remiel change her clothes first. Back at the stakeout, Chloe apologizes to Lucifer but heʼs already asleep. Chloe uses the opportunity to speak her mind about Lucifer’s current life. She doesn’t appreciate Lucifer is happy. She wants Lucifer to be happy but not by hosting sex parties. Just as Chloe finishes ranting, Vince arrives, trying to kidnap a woman.

[00:19:30] Lucifer and Chloe get out of the car to stop Vince. He tells Chloe his job is running a Kidnap and Ransom outfit. He offers abduction and survival courses for frequent travelers. Gary was invited to audit his company. Gary found Vince was paying Bolivian guards, but itʼs to keep their clients safe. Vince only scares Gary to keep him off his back. Vince adds Gary didn’t do anything special. He just went to work and returned home. Gary suddenly went to the Malibu Canyon, but Vince lost him there. Chloe didn’t trust Vince, but he had a solid alibi. With their stake out being a bust, Chloe tells Lucifer to go home while she spends the night at the precinct looking for clues. Lucifer offers to do Chloe’s job while she returns home to rest.

[00:21:30] Chloe likes the offer of Lucifer doing the heavy lifting for once, so she accepts. Lucifer goes to the precinct to do some research. The next day, Maze and Eve arrive at Lux, but Lucifer isn’t home. Eve is disappointed; it reminds her of the olden days with Adam. All of a sudden, a courier arrives bearing gifts for Eve. The guy tells her it came from Lucifer. She lifts the cover and finds a brand new printer. Eve turns it on, and out comes an apology message for Chloe. Lucifer got the gifts mixed up. A sex doll arrives at Chloe’s desk in the precinct. Dan wakes Lucifer up to confront him about the sex doll. He tries to explain things, but Ella barges in to update them on a lead.

[00:24:00] Ella tells them Gary was wearing different clothes when he was killed. The sizes of the clothes are a few times larger than his clothes and cost more than he could ever make as an accountant. Chloe thinks the killer forced Gary to change clothes before throwing him out the office window, but Lucifer found a lead. He shows Chloe a map of the Malibu Canyon where he finds something aligned with Ella’s lead. Ella sees the map and asks Chloe if she could tag along. Lucifer, Ella, and Chloe go to Malibu Canyon where they find Willow’s Glen — a nudist sanctuary. Chloe speaks to the guard, but she isn’t allowed inside. The rules state you can only enter if you get naked. The guard suggests Chloe gets a warrant; she happily obliges.

[00:26:00] Ella and Lucifer have other plans in mind. They are already naked, ready to enter the nudist sanctuary. Lucifer assures Chloe they will do the job while enjoying it. Lucifer and Ella go around questioning the people about Gary. An elder couple fills them in about Gary. Gary got in a fight with Julian McCaffrey, the current owner of Willow’s Glen. Lucifer and Ella speak to Julian, but he didn’t kill Gary. Julian tells them that Gary was trying to hit on women who were out of his league, bothering the richer women in the community. He was merely giving Gary some advice. Julian tries to leave, but Chloe arrives with her warrant. She arrests Julian and brings him in for questioning.

[00:29:00] Amenadiel and Remiel are at Lux, waiting for Lucifer to arrive. She can’t believe Lucifer has an offspring with a simple human, but Amenadiel defends Lucifer. Remiel doubts if Lucifer really impregnated a human. Linda is already looking for Amenadiel because of their baby class, but he can’t leave Remiel. Meanwhile, Maze accompanies Linda to baby class. Linda is terrified watching the video about live birth. Maze enjoys the gore factor and requests to see the video again. The host explains the intimate relationship between mother and child through feeding. It somehow hits a chord in Maze; she didn’t experience the love and care of a mother. Linda thanks Maze for coming with her. Linda turns around, but Maze is gone.

[00:31:00] Chloe questions Julian, but he doesn’t bother to answer. He just waits for his lawyers to arrive. Julian walks out of the precinct as soon as his lawyers arrive. Chloe asks Dan how Julian is able to post bail. It turns out his father is Jacob Tiernan. Jacob is a wealthy businessman who owns Tiernan Shipping. Dan tells Chloe that Julian is basically untouchable with all the money he has from Jacob. Chloe tells Dan no one is untouchable. Lucifer returns to his penthouse carrying his sex doll. He sees the printer and knows Eve will surely be mad at him. Lucifer wants to apologize for the mess, but Eve is no longer angry. She realizes she was once like Lucifer, trying to be someone she’s not, trying to impress Adam and be his ideal woman.

[00:34:00] Eve realizes she won’t be Adam’s ideal woman because she isn’t Lilith. She tells Lucifer he made her realize she could be her own person. Lucifer sets Eve free and wants to repay the favor. She thinks Lucifer is pretending to be someone he’s not, but Lucifer thinks otherwise. He gets an idea and finds a piece of paper in his jacket. Lucifer finds a break in the case. He apologizes to Eve and leaves for work. Eve can’t believe Lucifer still chooses to leave her. Lucifer reaches the precinct to show everyone the note he found in his jacket. Written on the piece of paper is a name: Marigold. Lucifer thinks itʼs a woman at the nudist sanctuary, but itʼs one of Jacob’s ships. The Marigold will arrive that evening.

[00:36:00] Chloe and Lucifer go on another stakeout where Lucifer asks her about his workplace self. Lucifer isn’t sure whether he believes his workplace self is true. He explains he loves going to work and tries to be a good man. Lucifer thinks he’s lying to himself since he was never a good man. Chloe points out that everyone changes throughout their lives. She adds that her life changed when she decided to become a cop and when she had Trixie. If the changes and decisions feel right, then they will be real. After their heartfelt moment, a mysterious van arrives at the docks. Julian orders one of his men to escort the women out. Julian is using his father’s ship for human trafficking. Chloe calls for backup and tries to stop Julian.

[00:39:00] A gunfight breaks off between Julian’s men and Chloe. Back up arrives, and Chloe secures the ship and the van. Lucifer hunts Julian down, but he lets him go. Julian ends up killing a cop named Joan. Dan blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death; now, Joan’s blood is also on his hands. Dan tells Lucifer he isn’t one of the good guys. Lucifer goes home and tells Eve heʼs pretending to be someone he wasn’t; an innocent person died because of him. Eve responds he should punish whoever does something wrong because he’s the devil. Remiel and Amenadiel are still at Lux looking for the woman who carries a celestial inside her. Remiel knows Amenadiel is stalling. He finally tells her the baby is his, and he will protect them.

[00:45:00] Linda finally decides to open the toolbox Maze gave her. Linda finds a baby blanket inside. Maze explains she wants to give the baby something she never had as a child, so she gives her a baby blanket. Linda assures Maze she will always be a member of her family no matter what happens. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds Julian with the help of Maze. He shows him his true self and kills him. Eve’s plan is finally coming to fruition.

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