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Taylor Kinney Talks CHICAGO FIRE’s 100th Episode

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

Taylor Kinney Talks CHICAGO FIRE's 100th Episode

Did you know Chicago Fire is about to air its 100th episode? Of course you did!

Tuesday’s aptly titled “One Hundred” will see Taylor Kinney’s Lt. Kelly Severide sustaining a minor burn while on duty, although “It gets worse in a day or two,” as Kinney reveals.

The injury serves as catalyst of sorts for Severide, who we will see has recently come to question the direction his life is taking.

“It was a pretty simple call, but it leads into some other things, this episode,” explains Kinney. “Severide is grappling with life choices and going down the same path, and he’s looking for a change of pace. He confides with Casey and they come up with a plan to try to change things up.”

You can catch a sneak peek clip of Severide’s dilemma, along with interviews from Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer and Monica Raymund through the links in this sentence.

In the meantime, catch Taylor Kinney’s full interview below.

The “One Hundred” episode of Chicago Fire airs Tuesday, December 6 on NBC.

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