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The Boys: Vought Officially Reveals Homelander’s Son

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

The Boys: Vought Officially Reveals Homelander's Son

The Boys may have spent a majority of the last season hiding Ryan from Homelander, but the finale had Ryan embracing HL as his father, and his descent into madness was subtly hinted at.

Now with some Guerrilla marketing, Vought International has teased that they have officially announced Ryan as Homelander’s son in-universe. Watch this:

Here’s the official description that came with the video:

This National Working Parents Day, we’re proud to support mothers and fathers like Homelander, who somehow manage to keep our country safe while raising the next generation of heroes. Work at Vought and get occasional access to our on-site Vought Tots Daycare!

While fans would love it if Billy Butcher and company would be able to save Ryan from becoming another Homelander, this is The Boys universe, and much like Game of Thrones, it isn’t really shy of killing off its characters—or at least, taking them to their extremes.

The finale had teased the survival of Maeve, but it also showed us that Butcher is dying from the use of Temporary V. With the death of everyone close to him, I can imagine Butcher being written into a death with his fight with the Supes, but maybe the showrunners have something different in mind for him. Maybe Hughey ends up taking care of Ryan with Starlight? All we can really do is speculate at this point.

No specific release date has been announced for The Boys Season 4, but fans are expecting a premiere sometime in 2023. In the meantime, you can check out the first three seasons now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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