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The Flash Merch Reveals Batman’s Updated Batwing

BY Brandon

Published 3 months ago

The Flash Merch Reveals Batman's Updated Batwing

Michael Keaton is set to come back as Batman in the upcoming Flash solo movie, and though we haven’t gotten a teaser for the movie yet, some merch has revealed one classic piece of Bat-memorabilia that will be coming back in the movie.

Check out the updated Batwing:

Though a lot of its design elements stay true to the original Burton Batwing; the silhouette has changed to be something less circular. What are the odds we get another shot of it flying right in front of the moon?

We don’t know exactly what Batman’s role in The Flash is going to be, but some speculate that Keaton’s Batman is going to act as some kind of mentor to Barry Allen, after Barry’s original Bruce (played by Ben Affleck) dies in his universe. The majority of the movie is probably going to take place in Keaton’s timeline with Barry spending most of the film trying to get back to where he came from.

Personally I prefer it when I can’t guess where a film is going, but I guess not every movie has to be directed by Rian Johnson. With the overwhelmingly positive reception of the test screenings though, I’m crossing my fingers that The Flash manages to deliver something more memorable than the paint-by-the-numbers comic book movie that was Black Adam.

Hopefully we get our first teaser for the film soon. I have a feeling WB just wants to distance the release from all the recent Ezra Miller headlines. It’s not the dumbest guess.

Catch The Flash when it speeds into theaters July 16, 2023.

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