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The Sandman Drops New Photos of Morpheus and Lucifer

BY Brandon

Published 7 months ago

The Sandman Drops New Photos of Morpheus and Lucifer

Netflix may be gearing up for the return of Stranger Things later this month, but we’ve also been getting some promotional drops for the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. Just in, we have some new images of Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus as well as Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer.

Check these out:

With new image drops for The Sandman happening so close to each other, I suspect we’re going to get a full trailer drop soon. It’s been months since we got our first look at the show back in September, and it’s high time that Netflix finally gives us an update on Sandman before anyone loses interest.

For now, it’s still unclear what kind of direction the series wants to go. Admittedly, the source material is very dark and kooky, and that was part of IP’s charm throughout the years. But we have to take into consideration that this is television, and it’s very likely that fans who don’t know the source material will need some careful finessing to be able to get into the world of Morpheus and the Endless.

Optimistically, if the series catches on, I would love for there to be some animated spinoffs—to really capture the essence of the comic. I mean, if Marvel, Star Wars, and The Boys can get animated anthology series, they could pretty much do the same for a property like Sandman. Get the people from Love, Death & Robots to work on it, please.

No release date has been set for Netflix’s Sandman adaptation, but fingers crossed we get a release set for later this year. I’m guessing Halloween would be the perfect time, seeing that Stranger Things is pretty much going to dominate the summer.

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