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Watch Eddie’s Epic Guitar Scene from the Stranger Things 4 Finale

BY Brandon

Published 5 months ago

Watch Eddie's Epic Guitar Scene from the Stranger Things 4 Finale


The finale of Stranger Things 4 just dropped last weekend, and everyone is talking about several character moments that left them at the edge of their seats. Probably one of the most standout scenes was definitely Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) shredding on his guitar, and Netflix has gladly isolated the clip and uploaded it on Youtube for everyone to watch over again and again.

Check it:

Just like Barb and Bob in previous seasons, Eddie has come out to be the standout newbie in Stranger Things. Not only does he fit in pretty well with the gang, but he also manages to have a very significant arc when it comes to the gang dealing with Vecna and the rest.

Admittedly, it is pretty tragic that Eddie has to die, but with the way Hawkins ends up in the finale, there was probably no chance that he would have made it alive without the police questioning him or a huge chunk of the town going after him for the deaths the Vecna was responsible for.

While Eddie may be gone, I expect that he could still have some kind of presence in the next season. After all, the town is still blaming him for the murders. Maybe the Duffer Brothers have some way to exonerate Eddie in the future; plus it would be a significant arc for Dustin, who has promised to take Eddie’s place when it comes to raising any future misfits.

Catch the full fourth season of Stranger Things now available on Netflix.

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