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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – All About Eve


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 4 Recap - All About Eve

[00:00:20] Chloe arrives at the crime scene without Lucifer. She tells Dan that Lucifer is no longer working with them. Dan asks Chloe why, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. The new victim is Pablo Silva, a jewelry designer for Golden Silva Jewelers. Someone strangled him to death. Ella found pistachio shells under Pablo’s body, but it wasn’t on the menu in his jet. Dan tells Chloe the jet is full of goodies such as weed, shrooms, and coke. Ella tells them to keep Lucifer away from the evidence. She notices Lucifer is missing. Dan signals Ella, so she thinks Lucifer got decapitated. Chloe tells her that Lucifer isn’t going to work with them anymore. Toby Golden found his business partner dead inside the hangar. Dan tells him they can’t find the missing necklace.

[00:02:00] Pablo just returned from Dubai with their latest creation: The Desert Mirage. Toby tells them they got the best deals on gold and diamonds in Dubai. Toby was in an investors’ meeting and didn’t hear Pablo’s voicemail until after. Pablo called Toby and told him he was in debt. Pablo was going to use the necklace to pay his debts, but it was stolen. Just before the voicemail ended, someone spoke in Arabic. Toby mentions most of their business partners in Dubai speak Arabic. Chloe asks for a list of their business partners to narrow down their suspects. Ella approaches Chloe to ask what happened between her and Lucifer. She tells Ella everything is fine, but she knows something is up. Chloe gets into a big fight with Lucifer, and she doesn’t think things will get resolved.

[00:03:30] Ella tells Chloe that couples fight all the time. Chloe adds there are some big issues between them. Ella wants to know how Lucifer is doing, but Chloe doesn’t know. She just assumes Lucifer is fine, given how he’s acted before. But Lucifer isn’t doing fine. He goes to the bar to pick up a couple of bottles of booze. His bartender asks him to stay and points to the dance floor as Lucifer asks why. He sees a woman dressed in white, dancing the night away. It’s the same lady who ordered an appletini. Her name is Eve. Lucifer approaches her and brings Eve up to the penthouse. Eve tells Lucifer she found a way out of heaven. Lucifer didn’t think it was possible, but Eve is a rule breaker.

[00:06:30] Eve got tired of heaven and paradise. She tried to make things fun by meeting all the souls entering heaven and hearing their stories of how their life on Earth turned out. Eve finally decides her deepest desire is to be where the fun is. But Lucifer doesn’t share her excitement. He gets Eve a room in a hotel, so she can have a place to stay. Lucifer escorts Eve out of Lux and into the hotel service. He tells the driver to take Eve back to the hotel safely. He realizes the car doesn’t belong to the hotel. The driver pulls a gun out. He threatens to kill Lucifer unless Eve tells him where the necklace is. The driver shoots Lucifer in the face as he tries to disarm him. Eve gets out of the car to call for help.

[00:10:00] Lucifer gets up without a single scratch on his face. He wants Eve to give him some answers to what happened. Eve explains she took a ride on Pablo’s jet to LA. Pablo showed Eve the necklace he made for Bashir Al-Fassad. Lucifer knows Bashir and tells Eve he will stop at nothing to get the necklace back. Eve tells Lucifer she doesn’t have the necklace. Lucifer tells Eve they must visit Bashir and explain things. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Maze accompany Linda for her ultrasound. Maze is in full assassin mode as she grabs the nurse’s hand while placing ultrasound gel on Linda’s abdomen. Linda tells Maze it’s just gel, nothing harmful. The nurse continues with the ultrasound and tells them they will have a boy.

[00:12:00] Amenadiel asks the nurse to look for a second and third protrusion. The nurse tells Amenadiel that males only have one penis, but he’s looking for wings. Linda tells the nurse that Amenadiel thinks of his son as a little angel. Linda gets shocked at the thought of her baby having wings. Chloe and Dan get to Bashir first. She asks him about Pablo, but he denies knowing any Pablo. Chloe tells Bashir that Pablo is dead. His nephew says they left Pablo alive. Bashir sticks with his tale and tells Chloe they can’t help. Dan tries to rough up one of Bashir’s associates, but Chloe stops him. He reminds Dan that she brought him along because he wasn’t like Lucifer. Chloe tries a gamble and asks Bashir about his debt with Lucifer. The gamble pays off; Bashir has a debt with Lucifer.

[00:14:00] Chloe tells Bashir she came to claim the debt on behalf of Lucifer. Bashir tells Chloe everything. He supplied Pablo with all his desires, exotic women and exotic drugs. Pablo racked a tab so high he couldn’t pay it off. Pablo wanted to pay his debts using one-of-a-kind jewelry, but he lost it before arriving in LA. Bashir and his men threatened Pablo, but they didn’t kill him. Pete tells Chloe and Dan they stopped over for groceries on the way back from meeting with Pablo. Bashir shows Chloe a video sent by Pablo showing the necklace. Eve could be seen in the video, but Bashir didn’t know her yet. As Chloe and Dan leave, Lucifer and Eve arrive. Lucifer heard their voices, so he pulled Eve aside to hide.

[00:16:00] Lucifer wants to cash in on his debt, but Bashir tells him Chloe used it for information. Bashir’s nephew recognizes Lucifer and Eve. She tells Bashir she doesn’t have his necklace. Lucifer makes a new deal with Bashir: He will find the necklace as long as he doesn’t harm Eve. Bashir accepts the deal. It’s favorable for him; he no longer has to find the necklace on his own. Amenadiel takes Linda home. He tells Linda about all the things he wants to teach their son. Amenadiel mentions fighting and flying. He even calls his soon-to-be son, A-mini-diel. Linda’s head spins as fast as the ceiling fan. She isn’t ready to have an angel baby. Amenadiel tells Linda that no one has ever seen an angel baby because God created them as fully formed angels.

[00:20:00] Linda is hysterical. She doesn’t know what to do or what to expect. Amenadiel tries to calm her down, but his words aren’t helping. Back at Lux, Lucifer asks Eve what she knows about the necklace or whoever stole it. Eve remembers a girl riding the jet with them named Odessa. She mentions a place owned by a guy named Dalton where she used to hang out. Lucifer tells Eve it‘s not a name but a place, Dalton’s Place — a famous bar in LA. Lucifer takes Eve to the bar to get a lead. Meanwhile, Ella gets a hit on Odessa from the video Bashir gave them. Odessa is a known con artist. Ella gives Chloe a list of Odessa’s hunting grounds in LA. Dan doesn’t know how to cover all the places, so Chloe suggests they canvas each place one by one.

[00:22:00] Lucifer and Eve are the first ones to reach Odessa. They approach her as she is conning another man. Eve asks Odessa where the necklace is, but she plays coy. Eve knows the necklace is inside Odessa’s bag, but she takes it before Eve can. Odessa calls security. Eve grows excited; she will have her first bar fight. Lucifer tells her fighting isn’t necessary, but security pulls out a tazer. Lucifer has no choice but to fight. He destroys anyone who gets in his way. As the fight continues, Eve’s desire for Lucifer grows. Lucifer is winning the fight when he stops. One of the guys breaks a billiard stick on him. He isn’t affected, so the guy stabs him on the shoulder with one of the broken pieces. It pierces him as Chloe and Dan arrive.

[00:25:00] Chloe tells Lucifer they received a call about a bar fight connected to their case. Lucifer doesn’t want to talk with Chloe. He pulls the stick out of his shoulder and leaves. Chloe tries to stop him, but she can’t. Eve sees Lucifer and Chloe speaking with each other, so she becomes curious about Chloe. Dan finds Odessa and brings her in for questioning. Odessa tells Chloe she didn’t know Lucifer until that night at the bar. Odessa confesses to stealing Pablo’s necklace, but she didn’t kill him. She stole the necklace for an independent broker who paid her to do the job. Odessa exchanged immunity for stealing the necklace to tell Chloe where the broker would be. She gives them the details to an underground auction where the broker will try to sell the necklace.

[00:27:00] Chloe goes home where she finds Maze. She asks Maze if she‘s avoiding her, and she agrees. Maze is giving Chloe some space as Linda suggested. She also wants to understand why Chloe is a backstabbing liar who tried to kill Lucifer and keep her away from Trixie. Chloe wants Maze to understand that she‘s the only human who knows heaven and hell exist. Maze tells Chloe that she‘s weak. She adds Linda also knows the truth, but she handles it better. Chloe talks with Linda who is also freaking out because of the truth. Linda tells Chloe she‘s terrified at first, but stayed positive and counted the blessings from knowing the truth. Linda gets a best friend, a fascinating patient, and a baby angel. She tells Chloe that what matters is whether or not she wants Lucifer in her life.

[00:31:30] Eve goes to the precinct to testify for Chloe’s case. Chloe interviews Eve, but nothing she says helped with the case. Lucifer arrives as Eve speaks with Chloe; he brought a frappe with him. Chloe ends her interview with Eve, but she tells Chloe odd things about her. Chloe goes to Ella to tell her about the interview. Ella can’t lie, so Chloe knows something is up. She also notices there are two mugs on her table. Chloe picks the other mug up, smelling whiskey. She knows Lucifer spoke to her. Ella apologizes, telling Chloe she couldn’t resist the frappe Lucifer gave her. Chloe tells Ella it’s fine if she doesn’t spill the beans on their plans. Ella gives Lucifer all the details as he and Eve attend the auction.

[00:34:00] Lucifer successfully steals the necklace from one of the auction models, but Chloe stops him before they leave. Chloe asks Lucifer for help, but he declines. Eve convinces Lucifer to help Chloe. He poses as a bidder to lure the killer out. The bidding for the necklace begins, but Lucifer grows impatient as the bid reaches $4 million. He stands up and bids for the necklace for $10 million. The bidding stops, declaring Lucifer as the winner. Chloe accompanies Lucifer to claim the necklace where they find Pete, Bashir’s associate. He stole the necklace from Bashir, but he didn’t kill Pablo. Pete’s alibi is true. He‘s with Bashir when Pablo died. Pete tells them Pablo is their cash cow as someone kept bailing him out of his debts. It seems Toby knows about Pablo’s debt despite telling Chloe otherwise.

[00:38:00] Toby points a pistol at Eve wearing the necklace because she posed as one of the auction models. She cries out for help, so Chloe and Lucifer rush to her. Chloe tells Toby to drop the weapon, but he doesn’t want to. He confesses to killing Pablo; he had enough of his idiotic ways. Pablo ran the company to the ground, but he wasted all their money on hookers and drugs. Chloe understands Toby’s sentiments because she always looked out for Lucifer and cleaned up his mess. Lucifer tells Eve to bust Toby’s balls. Eve escapes Toby, and Lucifer steps in to disable him. Dan arrives and arrests Toby. Lucifer wants the necklace to give to Bashir, but Chloe doesn’t fulfill her end of the agreement. Lucifer takes Eve and walks away.

[00:40:00] Amenadiel and Linda babyproofed their ceiling. They bubble-wrapped everything including the ceiling fan, all in preparation for their angel baby. Maze arrives at Linda’s to call it her new home. Maze calls herself “Auntie Maze,” but Amenadiel disagrees with her decision to move in. Linda agrees to let Maze stay. Meanwhile, Ella and Chloe talk about her relationship with Lucifer. Chloe misses being with Lucifer despite all the ups and downs. Ella tells Chloe she knows what to do, so she leaves the precinct and goes to Lucifer to confess her feelings. Back at Lux, Lucifer discovers that Eve has the necklace all along. She grabbed the necklace as it fell out of Toby’s pocket after Lucifer threw him to the ground. Eve tells Lucifer the truth about why she kept the necklace a secret.

[00:44:00] Eve returned to Earth for Lucifer. She didn’t want the fun to end, so she kept the necklace a secret, so he won’t give it back to Bashir. It seems Eve doesn’t know Lucifer is the devil. She wants to know the truth, so Lucifer shows her. Eve doesn’t even flinch as she kisses Lucifer with his devil face. Eve tells Lucifer she knows the face of rejection and accepts everything about Lucifer. Chloe arrives at Lux only to find Eve hugging Lucifer.

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