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Watch Teaser for Better Call Saul’s July Return

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Watch Teaser for Better Call Saul’s July Return


Better Call Saul had just gone through its mid-season finale, and boy, was it explosive. Of course, we are left with a huge cliffhanger, and we’ll have to wait until July to get back to the story. While we don’t have a full trailer, we do have a teaser with a little line from Jimmy himself.

Check this out:

It’s just a black and white still of Jimmy and Kim’s apartment, but we also have the line, “So… after all that… a happy ending,” spoken by Jimmy.

Seeing that this is a prequel, we know very well that Jimmy’s life ends up pretty miserable, living in anonymity in Nebraska. We don’t know who he could be saying these lines to, but it’s possible that it could be some kind of end-of-relationship talk with Kim. After all, the series could only end with Kim dying, or the two parting ways, since Kim is nowhere to be seen in Breaking Bad.

Then again, I’m hoping that the writers find ways to pull the rug from underneath the audience again. While Nacho’s death was in some ways inevitable, the death of Howard in the hands of Lalo was just the right amount of chaos that the show has been known to come to time and again.

We don’t know how exactly Jimmy deals with this Lalo problem, but it’s definitely going to come at a great personal expense—and that might just have to be his relationship with Kim.

Better Call Saul returns on July 11.

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