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Big Bang Theory Finally Gets a Cameo From Leonard Nimoy

By on March 1, 2012

Jim Parsons as Spock ... er, Sheldon ... on The Big Bang Theory (Image © CBS)

After nearly five full seasons and over 100 episodes, uber-Trekkie Sheldon (Jim Parsons) of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory is finally getting a visit from his hero, Leonard Nimoy. TVLine reports that the science fiction icon will have a guest role in the March 29 episode, as the voice of Spock who speaks to Sheldon in a dream.

Nimoy has effectively retired from onscreen acting, although he has agreed to do occasional voice appearances (such as reprising his role as William Bell in Fringe in the Season 3 animated episode ‘Lysergic Acid Diethylamide’). His role on The Big Bang Theory will mark the fifth time an actor from Star Trek has appeared on the show, following Wil Wheaton, George Takei, LeVar Burton, and Brent Spiner.

The dream meeting with Spock will no doubt be a momentous event for Sheldon, whose Vulcan obsession has been an ongoing plot element of TBBT and has inspired some of the sitcom’s most hilarious and memorable scenes. We can’t wait to see what they do with this one!

Leonard Nimoy will have a vocal role on The Big Bang Theory's March 29 episode.

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