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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 11 Recap – Lemillion

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 11 Recap - Lemillion

Temp Squad Scheme

In a flashback, Overhaul finds that his latest version of the serum has more permanent effects as it effectively preserves Eri‘s cells. Still, it took them months to produce five bullets due to their rough equipment. Now that All For One is missing, it‘s time for them to strike.

Himiko and Twice introduce themselves to the Shie Haissaikai, but their true feelings emerge. Overhaul apologizes for having killed Magne and tells them to assist with their plan. He asks for their respective quirks, but they refuse. A member named Shin Nemoto uses his quirk: Confession to get it out of them. Twice can make copies of other people after using careful measurements, while Himiko can transform into other people after ingesting their blood.

Nemoto then asks if Shigaraki has intentions of betraying them, which they both deny. Overhaul accepts them and puts them underground until they gain his trust.

Back in the present, the two League members mock Mimic and the Yakuza, causing him to go angry and transform the whole underground network. Twice and Himiko are at their limits, so they mess things up and hope the heroes will fix things for them.

Midoriya tries to locate the source of Mimic‘s voice as the ground above them starts to break. After one of the gangster‘s raging screams, Midoriya reveals his location by smashing through the wall. Eraserhead follows up with his quirk. Mimic gets caught.

Eri‘s Rescue

Mirio finally catches up with Overhaul‘s group. He tries moving for Eri but suddenly feels drunk. A villain named Sakaki arrives from above with a bottle of sake and mocks him. He dodges a gunshot as Nemoto appears and asks for his quirk.

Nemoto makes Mirio admit that he turned a blind eye to Eri‘s situation. Mirio starts to waver as the villain accuses him of only coming to cleanse his guilt..

The two villains shoot at him with guns and throwing knives, but Mirio uses his special move: Phantom Menace to strike at them both. He admits to having been weak back then. In fact, it was Eri‘s actions that got them to safety. She went back to Overhaul‘s hell to save them. Now he has come to get her.

Lemillion goes for Overhaul. The villain dodges but Chronostasis gets the boot, causing Eri to fall into the hero‘s hands. Eri warns him of the danger, but Lemillion swears to become her hero.

Overhaul admits he isn’t Eri‘s father and creates spikes on the ground. He isn‘t afraid of damaging Eri as he can restore her immediately. In fact, she had already experienced it before.

Her Hero

Lemillion uses his cape to dodge Chronostasis‘ shots and disappears underground for a strike. Eri watches back with his cape as the hero courageously fights both villains. He manages to hit Overhaul in the face to declare his win.

Overhaul, once named Kai Chisaki, remembers his father telling him that their status is going lower. He has plans to reform their group, but the boss doesn‘t approve of his inhumane path.

Nemoto yells at his boss that he still can help, so Overhaul hands him the quirk-erasing bullets. He aims but is left hesitant because the hero can permeate. He then remembers Eri and fires at her.

Lemillion changes course, thinking about Eri‘s situation, where nobody would save her. He remembers his promise to never make her feel sad again. Eri sees Lemillion take the bullet with a smile.

Mirio remembers his father telling him that their quirk is hard to master. Still, he‘s determined to become a hero.

Overhaul laughs at the irony after seeing Mirio suffer the quirk of the girl he‘s trying to save. Still, Lemillion continues to fight hand-to-hand.

Our Thoughts

Lemillion is such a worthy successor, and his heroic presence is only second to All Might. Sorry, Midoriya fans. Rating: 4.2/5.

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