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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 10 Recap – Temp Squad

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 10 Recap - Temp Squad


Overhaul complains about how his members are more loyal to the boss, even if he‘s the one who respects the boss‘ beliefs more than anyone in the gang. He is joined by Chronostasis, who is carrying Eri as they try to escape. With their finished serum, the Haissaikai will soon rise to prominence. A “drug that heroes fear” will surely attract the underground‘s big bosses. He calls on his “temp squad” — a team of Himiko and Twice from the League of Villains — to cover their backs.

A skinnier-looking Fat Gum tries to wake Kirishima up, but the intern starts mumbling incoherently. He remembers the boy‘s ambition of becoming like Crimson Riot — a hero who protects others.

Suddenly, Rappa wakes up. Fat Gum braces for another fight, but he‘s drained of energy. The villain leads them to a nearby room where they can nurse their wounds. Tengai tells Rappa to enact his duty but gets subsequently knocked down. Rappa can‘t even move his arms. He used to be a prized MMA fighter in the underground who always won. All he wanted was a good fight, and Fat Gum and Kirishima provided that. He tells them to heal themselves for a rematch someday.

Fat Gum tells him he‘ll be arrested soon, but the villain doesn‘t mind. Since they‘re both still alive, it‘s a draw. Fat Gum looks at his intern, who‘s not only acknowledged by him but also the enemy.

Temp Squad Strikes

The wall-transforming villain, Mimic, gets desperate as Midoriya and the pro heroes gain in on them. He shakes the ground up again to disrupt their positions.

Fat Gum learns from Rappa that he joined the gang because he was defeated by Overhaul. The man suddenly showed up in the ring and invited him. He died at their first fight, but he was revived in a second. Overhaul chose to escape because he has plans to be the top Yakuza gang by distributing their prized product.

Rock Lock counters the moving walls by using his quirk to make them stay in place, but it has a limit.

Midoriya tries to smash through the continued attacks of the enemy, forcing him to split them up into separate rooms.

Sir Nighteye tells them to be cautious of the sudden change in strategy. That‘s when Himiko arrives to stab Rock Lock in the back. Midoriya smashes the wall to find him wounded by an impostor. Eraser nullifies Himiko‘s quirk as she continues to attack happily. Aizawa binds her, but she wiggles past them. He worries that the league‘s involvement will make things more dangerous. Midoriya recognizes Himiko‘s transformation as the same one he saw during the license exam.

Wreak Havoc

It was Overhaul‘s choice to have Twice and Himiko work under him for a time as a way to start a good working relationship between the two groups.

Twice then faces Sir Nighteye and the police. He has a copy of Rappa alongside him, but the fake gets instantly knocked down by the hero. Twice runs away but not before his mask gets torn. He worries that it might cause his personality to split again. Thankfully, Himiko arrives and wraps a bandana on his head.

Himiko praises him for coming out despite having their companion killed by the Yakuza. They objected to joining Haissaikai at first after what they went through, but Shigaraki shockingly shows his face to them and expressed his trust that they will do what they can to get their organization ahead.

Twice and Himiko proceeds to tease the gangster Mimic, which causes him to snap. The whole underground facility falls into chaos.

Our Thoughts

These two villains are honestly the best. Rating: 3.8/5.

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