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AHS 8.7 – Apocalypse Episode 7 Recap

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

AHS 8.7 - Apocalypse Episode 7 Recap

Cordelia makes some bold moves, and Michael loses some allies, on this week’s episode of American Horror Story Apocalypse.

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Papa Legba

American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 7 Recap

In episode 7 of American Horror Story Apocalypse, we find out that Dinah is now the Voodoo Queen and Cordelia comes to her for a favor. But Dinah’s not in the mood to hand out favors, so she asks for $100,000. Cordelia pays her and she summons Papa Legba – the gatekeeper between the world and the underworld.

Cordelia asks Papa to make a deal with her and to trap Michael in the underworld. But the price Papa Legba demands is too high for Cordelia. She refuses, but not before we get to see Nan again! Yay! Nan seems to be having the time of her life stirring up trouble in hell at the right hand of Papa Legba.

We find out that Evie (Joan Collins) was once a Hollywood star named Bubbles McGee and that she is also a witch. She has the power of reading minds and the coven needs her to find out what the warlocks are up to.

Bubbles and Myrtle plan an elaborate dinner for Ariel & Baldwin, and Bubbles reads their minds to find out that they intend to get rid of the witches. “Every last one of them.”

Meanwhile, Coco is expanding her foodie-witchie powers and Mallory grows stronger and stronger. Zoe suggests to Cordelia that Mallory may be the next Supreme.

Zoe and Mallory bring John Henry back to life and he helps the witches take Ms. Mead, Ariel and Baldwin prisoner. They burn the three of them at the stake.

All we can say is “Michael’s gonna be PISSED!”

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