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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 8 Recap


Published 3 years ago

Alice in Borderland  Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

[00:00:30] A phone started booting up. Asahi was surprised that it worked. She was accompanied by another girl who asked her if the phone belonged to her. Asahi told her that she had just picked up the phone. Asahi started filming to have a record of what happened to them. Everyone in Tokyo disappeared. It seemed that only the two of them were left behind. Asahi switched over to the front camera in order to record herself. The girl with her wanted to know why she was recording herself. Asahi told her that it was so that someone would know what they did. Asahi and the other girl roamed Tokyo for five days before someone approached them. They now worked for that organization. Asahi recorded the location of their organization which was underneath Tokyo in the depths of the subway. The girl seen in the video with Asahi was Momoka.

[00:04:00] The fire had already spread through the majority of the hotel and resort. Everyone gathered in the lobby since they only had 15 minutes left before the game ended. Aguni ordered the militants to kill everyone left, but they hesitated. One of the militants could no longer keep killing innocent people. Before Aguni could kill one of his subordinates for not following his orders, Arisu appeared. He told Aguni that he wasn’t the witch. Arisu had been locked up when Momoka died, so he couldn’t have killed her. He wanted Aguni to cooperate with him in search of the witch. Aguni didn’t care; he approached Arisu and hit his face with his gun. He kicked Arisu aside along with Yuzuha. She accused Aguni of being the witch. Someone asked Aguni if he was the witch. Everyone in the lobby was shocked when Aguni confessed that he was the witch.

[00:07:00] The militants all pointed their guns at Aguni. He dropped his pistol and approached them. He dared them to shoot him, but Arisu told everyone that Aguni wasn’t the witch. Arisu explained that they were playing a hearts game. The game’s objective was to toy with people’s feelings and have them kill each other. Arisu knew that Aguni wasn’t the witch; he also knew that Aguni had another motive for confessing. Arisu told everyone that Aguni killed Hatter. Aguni wasn’t in conflict with Hatter. The militants had all the weapons, and they could take over the Beach at any time, but they didn’t. Aguni kept the crazies at bay. He kept control over Niragi and Last Boss so that they wouldn’t abuse their power. Arisu knew that Aguni killed Hatter because the day Hatter died, he saw hopelessness in Aguni’s eyes.

[00:10:30] Aguni killed Hatter because he lost control over himself. He wanted Hatter to stop the madness that was the Beach, but Hatter hadn’t wanted to. Aguni told Hatter that there wasn’t any hope in the borderlands. Aguni had seen Hatter kill innocent people for hiding their playing cards from him. Hatter established the death to all traitors rule against Aguni’s will. Aguni couldn’t keep his guilt in. He beat Arisu to a pulp and confronted him. Aguni followed Hatter to his game to confront him. Aguni no longer wanted to continue staying at the Beach. He wanted Hatter to give up the Beach, but he couldn’t convince him. Hatter drew his pistol and told Aguni the third rule of the Beach. Before Hatter could fire his weapon, Aguni jumped out of the way and killed him. Arisu told Aguni that the game master used his broken feelings for the hearts game.

[00:18:00] The game master knew that Aguni would try to bury his guilt and take everyone with him. That’s the reason why Aguni wanted to kill everyone. The people in the lobby were shocked at Arisu’s explanation. The militants were disgusted with themselves; they had almost killed everyone on Aguni’s orders, which had nothing to do with the game. The people were starting to lose hope; they didn’t know the witch’s identity, so they couldn’t end the game. Arisu told them that the witch was Momoka. Aguni kicked him to the side. He tried to convince everyone that he was the witch. He wanted someone to kill him, but no one believed him anymore. Aguni tried to start a fight, but most of the men just held him down. Aguni remembered the night he had killed Hatter. He had checked Hatter’s pistol and found that it was empty. Hatter simply wanted Aguni to kill him.

[00:22:00] Aguni blamed everyone at the Beach for Hatter’s death. In his mind, the people made Hatter go crazy; the Beach made Hatter go crazy. Aguni shouted at everyone that he was the witch. Asahi told them that she knew how to stop Aguni. She was going to distract Aguni while Arisu used the opportunity to take Momoka’s body and burn it to end the game. Asahi stood up and went to the middle of the lobby. She caught everyone’s attention by shouting that she was the dealer in the game. A red laser shot Asahi and killed her. Everyone froze after Asahi died. Ann arrived with Kuina to tell everyone that Momoka had killed herself. The people lost all hope. To think that other people would go to such lengths as killing themselves for the game. Arisu begged Aguni to help them stop the game.

[00:26:00] Before Aguni could make a decision, the fire reached the lobby. The militants tried to move Momoka’s body and burn it, but someone opened fire. Niragi was still alive. He had brought a Molotov with him and started killing people in the lobby. Yuzuha and Arisu tried to disarm him, but they were no match for his strength. Niragi was about to kill Arisu when Aguni stepped in. He carried Niragi back to the fire and pinned him there. All they heard were a few gunshots as the two of them disappeared in the smoke. Everyone went outside as the militants threw Momoka’s body in the fire. Yuzuha received a notification that they had cleared the game. Everyone evacuated as the Beach burned to the ground.

[00:31:00] The newbie player broke down as he grieved over the death of everyone that he had known. Yuzuha saw the remaining members of the militants and wanted to avenge the death of the innocent people that they slaughtered. Arisu stopped her; he told Yuzuha to just let everything go. One of the militants tried to commit suicide, but his gun was already empty. Arisu told Yuzuha that they were still alive, which was what mattered. Yuzuha hugged Arisu as he passed out from exhaustion. Chisiya and Kuina were able to claim the 10 of hearts card before leaving the Beach. He wondered what was in store for them now that they needed to collect the face cards from each suit.

[00:35:00] Arisu watched the video made by Asahi. She had recorded the way to the game master’s base within the subways of Tokyo. After a very long walk through the railways and tunnels, Asahi and Momoka reached the base. There were thousands of monitors, all of which showed multiple games where people competed against each other. Asahi had made the video in order to show people what was happening. Momoka couldn’t take the guilt of killing other people in order to extend their visas and continue living. Asahi consoled her; she told Momoka that everything was just a dream and that they would wake up from it at any moment. Arisu and Yuzuha headed out to find the game master’s base. They followed the video and arrived at the base, but it was already abandoned. Most of the people controlling the game were already dead.

[00:43:00] Chisiya and Kuina were also at the game master’s base. He thanked Arisu for his efforts, for without him, he wouldn’t have succeeded in taking the numbered cards from the Beach. Chisiya showed Arisu the map he had found on the horse head player during the tag game. He had recently realized that it was a map to the game master’s base, and it represented the subway tracks. Chisiya thought that he was going to find answers at the game master’s base, but all he got was more questions. Chisiya and Arisu knew that the dead people inside the base weren’t game masters but mere employees working for the game masters. Yuzuha wondered who the game masters were. Chisiya told her that it could be aliens or even God himself.

[00:45:00] Just as they were talking about the game masters, the room lit up and all the monitors turned on. A special broadcast appeared on the screen. A lady in black congratulated all the players that survived. The lady on-screen was Mira. She had been one of the executive members at the Beach. Mira showed them replays of the games they had won and the lives of people that were sacrificed. She told them about the next round of games. The next round consisted of face card games since they had cleared all of the numbered games. The next round would begin tomorrow morning. Yuzuha told them that they had to fight all over again. Arisu agreed, but this time they knew who their enemy was.

[00:48:00] Fireworks rained upon Tokyo as morning came. Yuzuha, Kuina, Chisiya, and Arisu stood at Shibuya station, waiting for the games to commence. There were 12 blimps scattered across Tokyo. Each blimp displayed a corresponding face card. Arisu knew that it was time to get the answers they were looking for.

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