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AHS 8.6 – Apocalypse Episode 6 Recap

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

AHS 8.6 - Apocalypse Episode 6 Recap

Cassie has quite an emotional time in our Apocalypse episode 6 recap! With all our favorite characters returning from season 1’s “Murder House,” we get a LOT of answers!

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Murder House from American Horror Story

American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 6 Recap

Madison: “What’s so special about this place?”

Cordelia: “It’s where it all began.”

Ah, so true! Cassie and I both think this might be our favorite episode of the Apocalypse season. We get all the answers we’ve been looking for in a way that is – in true AHS style – both humorous and horrific.

Madison and Behold pose as a married couple and buy the Murder House in order to investigate Michael’s origins and upbringing. But they find more ghosts than they bargained for – and ghosts that want to bargain!

Jessica Lange reprises her role as the iconic Constance Langdon. But she won’t give out Michael’s story unless the witches can finally rid her of Moira. So Madison and Behold set out to find and gather Moira’s bones and set her free to be with her mother for eternity. It was a sweet scene.

When we FINALLY get an explanation of how Michael grew up so fast, why he left Constance, and how he met Ms. Mead, it’s satisfying. Michael is a monster – though his boyish charm and innocent attitude betray that in every scene.  But Constance knew her days were numbered with him, so she opted to end her life in the Murder House so she could be with her children.

Satan-worshipper Mead then finds Michael and indoctrinates him into the ways of the Dark Lord.

Just when Madison and Behold have all the info they need and are ready to leave, Madison hears Violet crying in the hallway and takes pity on her. She blows some magic dust in her face and lets her know that the “evil in Tate left with Michael.” Violet seems happy with this and goes to Tate. Cue the music. (And cue Cassie’s sobbing!)

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