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BLINDSPOT “If Beth” Recap

By on October 6, 2016

Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Jonathan Patrick Moore as Oliver -- (Photo by: Giovanni Ruffino/NBC)

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s episode had fans following along with a standard tattoo case of the week, but the personal stories of our team were the highlights. Reade admitted to being one of Coach Jones’ victims, Weller was unsure of what to do about Allie’s pregnancy, Patterson and Borden took the next step in their relationship, and Jane fell even further into Sandstorm.

And, while all of this was happening, more hints were given as to the identity of the mole within the FBI.

If you’re playing the title anagrams, tonight’s episode “If Beth” seems to decode to “The FBI.”

Let’s recap what happened to find out how much more of a mystery the FBI can be.

The Plot Thickens

I have to admit, this episode moved faster for me than previous weeks, but was still a little disappointing overall. Sure we got to see Patterson out in the field, and let’s be honest, the more Patterson, the better, but once again, we were given a tattoo case of the week which was built up throughout the episode, and then resolved in a matter of minutes. I know the networks love to have standalone episodes of TV shows so that they’re easier to follow in syndication, but I really think the cases would be more powerful if it took the team longer to solve them.

Speaking of Patterson however, it was fun watching her being out in the field with the team, and fans all over Twitter were infinitely jealous of her clutch purse that was actually a computer. Executive Producer, Martin Gero said the device was inspired by what the writers thought Penny from Inspector Gadget would use as a grown up, and I have to agree, I could totally see Penny using that clutch. Patterson was also able to give a great shout out for the real life Girls Who Code group.

I’m enjoying the deep level of friendship we’re seeing from Zapata and Reade. She truly cares about her partner, and is willing to go pretty far to protect him. And, judging by the revelation that he’s following Coach Jones, it seems as though he’s really going to need that friend in his corner.

And did anyone else notice the possible new love triangle for this season? While at the fundraiser, Jane was charmed by a man named Oliver Kind. The interaction was quick, but something was there. Even Weller noticed it, and wasn’t too pleased. And judging by the fact that the Blindspot Writers Room was tossing out ship names on Twitter soon after Oliver’s introduction (Olivane? Joliver?), this might be something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

Finally, Sandstorm really needs to get more airplay. Shepherd’s revelation that she grew up on Lake Aurora, her family all contracted cancer, and she herself had her ovaries removed, went a long way in drawing Jane further into the Sandstorm world. Each week she seems to be drifting further and further from her FBI team. Additionally, the fact that Sandstorm has been watching Weller for years puts a new wrinkle into things. Why is he so integral to their operation?

Next week’s episode looks to bring on the drama with Allie getting wounded in the line of duty, so will this quickly wrap up the Weller being a father storyline? Until next week!

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