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BLINDSPOT Recap: “Everybody Hates Kathy”

By on April 23, 2019

BLINDSPOT — “Everybody Hates Kathy” Episode 419 — Pictured: (l-r) Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/NBC/Warner Brothers)






A Mother’s Love

Last week on Blindspot, Patterson’s dad, Bill Nye, made a return appearance and found himself in the middle of a tattoo case that involved killer bees. Fortunately, Patterson came to the rescue, and the bees and Bill Nye were saved. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller made some headway in finding out the identity of the hooded figure seen entering the Sandstorm bunker, and it turned out to be none other than Weller’s mom.

A Dangerous Mouse

Friday’s episode, “Everybody Hates Kathy” begins with an office party at EVC, which is a national research center that focuses on robotic spacecraft. The room is stormed by a bunch of security officers who take everyone’s cell phones, and when Evan Myers, a senior VP of the company asks what’s happening, he has a gun pointed on him.

The data breach inside EVC sets off a tattoo case, as some of the files stolen contain numbers that can be found in one of Jane’s tattoos. The tattoo then connects the team to a classified project that EVC worked on. With Weller and Jane in Philadelphia to see Weller’s mother Linda, the rest of the team continues to look into the files stolen to see what they contained. They find that EVC was working on developing a satellite that is armed with nuclear missiles, and is currently orbiting the earth. Even worse, the files stolen the night before contain the launch codes for those missiles.

In Philadelphia, Weller explains to Jane that his mother is an addict who made a lot of bad choices, including leaving her kids with their father. As such, he doesn’t have much of a relationship with her. He immediately thinks it’s a bad idea they’re there to see her, but time runs out for an escape as she is a waitress at the diner they’re eating at. As the three talk, Weller treats his mom like a suspect, and shows her a picture of Shepherd. Linda immediately recognizes her, and says they’re friends. When she’s shown video of her entering the bunker, she says she received a letter and a key from Shepherd’s lawyer that led her to the bunker. Three thugs then come in, and when Weller stands between them and his mother, they tell Weller that his mother is a criminal, and walk out.

Jane and Weller bring his mother back to headquarters where Weller continues to question her. She explains she owed money to the thugs after becoming addicted to Oxy. Jane offers to take her back to their apartment while they figure things out, and Weller stays to help the team with the tattoo case.

Meanwhile, the team narrows down their list of possible suspects to Evan, as he seems to be on the run with his son Thomas. The team figures he’s brought Thomas along, because he has a high-tech insulin pump which can store data, and potentially holds the launch codes for the missiles. Weller goes to Jersey to talk to Evan’s wife Scarlett, and she tells Weller that she just wants to get her son back.

The team gets a break on Evan when he’s shot at a gas station by a Russian agent named Nikolai, who was looking for the launch codes. As the team looks into a private investigator Evan had hired, they find pictures of Scarlett meeting with Nikolai, meaning she’s the one who stole the launch codes, not Evan. However, the team is too late in this discovery, as Scarlett has already disposed of her protective unit, and has left to meet up with Thomas at “the place they watched the fireworks.”

Knowing that Evan is the only person who could know where Scarlett and Thomas could be, Weller and Zapata head to the hospital to speed up Evan’s recovery time by giving him injections of Ritalin. Once awake, Evan tells them where Thomas is, and the team heads out to a beach house. There, they find Scarlett, Thomas, and a few Russians, who the team quickly kill in a shootout. Weller and Zapata then talk Scarlett down, convincing her to turn herself in, so that her son can be safe.

In parallel to all of this happening, Rich and Patterson have to deal with their own issues when Reade lets them know a bank has been hacked. Not only that, but the hacker left a message that was signed with a mouse – the signature of Rich and Patterson’s hacker group, the Three Blind Mice. Rich and Patterson already knew that the third member of their group, Kathy, had been released from prison on good behavior, and rush to deal with the situation. Following the clues Kathy left behind for them, Rich and Patterson track Kathy back to her apartment, where she has been waiting for them to fit them for her bridal party. Eventually, Kathy accepts a bribe from Patterson and Rich in the form of a donation to her wedding fund, to stay quiet about all the activities the three had done over the years.

As the episode wraps up, Weller has a conversation with his mom back at his apartment, and tells her that he’ll pay her criminal debt, and that he got her a room in a rehab facility so that they could start over. And while Reade and Zapata are quickly getting back to how they used to be, with constant flirting, Kathy is toasting her new fiancé, and their impending nuptials. Turns out, that fiancé is none other than Dominic, who is using Kathy to unleash Helios.

Making up for the Past

While this episode was better than the past couple of weeks, it still wasn’t one of the best. However, it did feature Elizabeth Mitchell, and it’s always good to have her on my TV screen (does anyone else still miss Juliet?).

This episode also was the first one filmed after poor Jaimie Alexander tore her ACL and MCL, so she spent the whole episode sitting in chairs. It was weird to not see Jane out on missions and saving the day, but it was a good plot device to let the audience know about what happened with Weller’s mom, and why she left her kids (her husband threatened to kill the kids if she tried to take them).

The storyline of Kathy in this episode was a little ridiculous, but as usual, Rich and Patterson were the best part of the episode. Also, Patterson clearly made a lot of money working on Wizardville, as she didn’t even bat an eye about transferring 400k, and she even told Rich he didn’t have to pay her back. Essentially, Patterson is unstoppable, which is good since Kathy has now teamed up with Dominic.

Finally, Zapata and Reade are clearly getting close again, and I’m fully here for that. Those two were always great together, and after everything they’ve been through, they can only be even stronger together.

Blindspot is taking some time off, but it’ll be back on May 3 for the final three episodes of the season. Until then!

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