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BLINDSPOT Review: Weller = MacGyver in “Older Cutthroat Canyon”

By on March 29, 2016

Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe -- (Photo by: Giovanni Rufino/NBC)

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s Blindspot episode kicked up the intensity level as we were given a similar to real life scenario with Zapata being abducted by a human trafficking ring.

It was unnerving, and stressful, but we finally got to see Audrey Esparza shine as Zapata was given a juicy storyline. It was well written, well directed, and well acted, and we can only hope to see future episodes pack this kind of punch.

Meanwhile, we started to see the micro-fractures in our team spread. Reade and Mayfair are actively pursuing Jane’s true identity, putting Reade directly in danger. Weller is forcing himself to move on with Allie, and Zapata once again has found herself being blackmailed to deliver information on Jane. And Jane is being forced to side with Oscar, if only to save Weller. However, once Jane discovers Weller is with Allie, will her allegiances shift?

Let’s recap what the team found themselves caught up in this week in “Older Cutthroat Canyon.”

Oscar Knows More than he’s Telling

Tonight’s episode was non-stop action from beginning to end. We had bombs exploding, gun battles, doors exploding, more gun battles – it was intense. Fans on Twitter were using commercial breaks to breathe. However, the fights in this episode overshadowed Jane’s backstory, which added another piece in the form of Cade.

Cade is one of the founding members of Taylor’s tribe, but what did he do for her to kick him out? And why is he trying to kill everyone, including Jane? I think we’ve officially found our new big bad after Carter, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for Jane and the team, especially since Oscar is clearly keeping something from her.

Weller’s headstrong need to save Jane was back this week, and he’s doing everything he can to protect her. He even said himself, he’s already lost her once, and can’t lose her again. This frustration and fear definitely was shown when he lost his temper, telling her she couldn’t run off and do her own thing again.

It was also clear tonight how deeply Jane cares for Weller, and how badly she wants to keep him safe, which will prove difficult for her to continue doing missions for Oscar, while trying to stay with her FBI team.

Mayfair is on to her, and Reade has only been thrown off because of the threat. Undoubtedly, he’ll work around that threat soon, and once again be looking into Jane. I can definitely see this season ending with Reade and Mayfair working out Jane’s true identity, and her connection to Orion.

Next week’s episode looks to continue the intensity of this week’s, and I’m looking forward to what it will bring.

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