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TV RECAP: Agents of SHIELD “Afterlife”

By on April 8, 2015


By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we get a close look at the mystery group that Skye has been taken to in addition to learning how everyone is handling the appearance of another other SHIELD agency.

The episode opens with Coulson and Hunter at a used car lot. They are trying to find a vehicle they can drive to the cabin where Skye was hiding out. They end up stealing a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Throughout the episode, we see them make their way to the cabin, but of course Skye is already gone. They review the surveillance footage and see that Gordon took Skye. Coulson is frustrated and thinks he has lost Skye forever. Eventually the other ‘Real’ SHIELD faction shows up and tries to take them back. Coulson calls for backup, and Mike Peterson shows up to protect them. That’s right, THAT Mike Peterson from last season!

This episode also gives us a closer look at Gordon’s community now that Skye has joined them (for now). She wakes up to them giving her some kind of acupuncture therapy. She meets her “transitioner,” a young man named Lincoln. He explains that everyone who has the gift goes through this process to learn how to control his/her powers. He makes her feel more comfortable and explains that they are located at a place called the “Afterlife.” No one truly knows where they are, except for Gordon. Skye also learns she isn’t allowed to reach out to anyone outside of the community.

Later Skye also earns that Raina is also a resident at Afterlife. She gets pretty upset, voicing her concerns that Raina doesn’t deserve to be there, but perhaps it’s fair to say Raina needs just as much help as Skye? It’s interesting to see the juxtaposition of these two characters. Raina was prepared for the transition and she was given this obvious outward transformation, while Skye wasn’t prepared at all, but got this internal power, that is arguably better than Raina’s.

We also find out that Skye’s father is being kept in this mystery location, in addition to Skye’s mother who wishes to be her trainer, but doesn’t reveal her true identity.

Meanwhile, back with the rest of the team, Simmons and Fitz are fighting about whether or not they should help the other SHIELD open the box from Fury. Simmons decides to help while Fitz decides to leave. Even though they have a heartbreaking fight about it, we find out that they were faking the whole thing. The argument was a distraction so that Fitz could switch out the box for a fake one. Simmons even packs him a going away sandwich as he makes his escape. It’s a really sweet way to end this episode.

Before we see Fitz get away with the cube, we get a last look at Coulson and Hunter. Coulson says something about going to find Ward, who might be able to help them. This makes me SO excited for next week. It’s about time we got a real team reunion. It’s been so long since they have all been together, I hope they can make it happen for next week.

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