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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 12 Recap - Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8


The decoy team at the north end of the wall manages to lure the titans to the corner, but not without their casualties. Pyxis admits that he ordered them to their deaths but is willing to be seen as a butcher to move humanity forward.

Eren punches Mikasa’s perching spot. Ian tells her to move back, but she grapples with Eren instead of talking to him. Rico shoots her red flare as she sees they’ve failed, but Eren punches his head and knocks himself down. Another nearby squad reports that other titans are approaching. Rico suggests calling off the operation, but Mikasa stares at them sharply.

Pyxis and the others see the red flare signal, but the commander doesn’t stand down and leaves the decision to the elite squad. If they back down now, the others’ deaths will be in vain. Meanwhile, Armin runs to check in on Eren.

The elite squad members push Ian to decide to leave Eren down on the ground, insisting that they’ve lost their shot. But Ian turns around and orders them to kill the incoming titans to protect Eren. They’ll have to defend him until he manages to recover. Ian mirrors Pyxis’ sentiment to keep trying even if they lose more lives.

Jean returns to Connie’s group to figure out what’s happening, while Marco remains hopeful that Eren can push through. Jean suggests keeping their losses minimum while the other team gets out of their snag.

Scrambling forces

Ian continues to argue with Rico about how to move forward, but Ian stands resolute on sacrificing for this new weapon. This is their only fighting chance against the enemy. Rico isn’t convinced but still follows along with the plan. Mikasa thanks Ian, and he orders her to stand ready to defend Eren.

Suddenly she realizes that Eren’s titan body parts haven’t regenerated like before.

Eren’s vision and memory blur as he sits inside solid flesh. He sees him being home with his parents and Mikasa and falls asleep.

Armin manages to catch up to Eren and find him on the ground.

Meanwhile, Jean and other cadets team up to help clear out the titans roaming the streets.

More titans are flooding the gates, so Ian and the elites have to keep up to defend Eren. Mikasa manages to kill two, but there are more streaming in, seemingly lured by Eren’s presence.


Now on top of Eren’s body, Armin asks Mikasa what happened. She tells him the titan isn’t responsive and more enemies are coming in. Left without a choice, Armin plunges his blade to the nape to wake him up. He calls for Mikasa to go while he takes care of Eren, who’s now squirming after that jolt of pain. Armin calls for Eren to come out and reminds him of the plan to chase out all the titans to avenge his mother.

Eren remains in his dreamlike state, seeing his mother washing the dishes nearby. But suddenly, the memories start flooding in.

Jean’s ODM starts malfunctioning while helping out with the defense team, so he has to make a run for it while a titan chases him. He hides inside the building, but the titan remains in pursuit. He finds another set of ODM gear from a fallen soldier by the road.

Armin continues to talk to Eren and reminds him of their dream to explore the outside world to find every wonder they read about in the book. That was why they wanted to join the Scout Regiment. Eren finally awakes.

Our thoughts

Of course, using Eren’s powers shouldn’t be that convenient the first time around. Glad the tensions are still there even when there’s a seemingly overpowered weapon on their side. Rating: 4/5.

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