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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – Can’t Look into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 14 Recap - Can't Look into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1


Word comes out about a soldier transforming into a Titan, which garners concerns of the citizens all around the country. Some from wall Sina worry that the citizens of Wall Rose and Maria might barge into their territory to take away their resources. On the other hand, the downtrodden see the Titan as their savior who offers hope of taking back wall Maria.

The Military Police are now moving to secure Eren, but they know they’ll have to go against the Scout Regiment.

Commander Erwin meets with Commander Pyxis regarding the situation. Both are concerned about the Military Police’s interest in Eren Jaeger and learn that the decision falls to Premier Dhalis Zachary, who oversees all three regiments. The decision will hinge on whether Eren’s existence proves beneficial or harmful to them. If they decide on the latter, Eren might be executed there. Something Pyxis doesn’t want to happen.

Unfortunately, many others in his camp fear Eren, so he has to side with the police’s decision. Erwin tells him they have a plan, but nothing is certain, and it will all hinge on how the debate goes. As a scout who surveys unknown territory, Erwin is often forced to play things by ear.

Eren’s two guards are on edge and see him as a monster. His restraints seem much to him, but he understands their reasoning. At least they haven’t killed him yet. He worries about his friends, who never expressed the same fear towards him as the others.

At Court

Hange Zoe and Miche Zacharius from the scouts visit him in his cell to take him to his hearing. She doesn’t Eren where he’s headed but expresses trust that they can pull through.

Eren walks into a courtroom with soldiers and witnesses alike. He’s put on a stand with restraints on his hands and finds his friends at the seats along with the other commanders.

Zachary studies Eren’s case and asks him questions. Due to the unprecedented case, Eren’s fate isn’t placed on any established law but instead in this man’s hands. Eren’s situation has spread to the public, so they have to decide their stance on him now or risk a people’s revolt. The Military Police and the Scout’s Regiment start arguing over his custody.

A police commander and priest of the church proposes to execute Eren and send him off as a fallen warrior. Erwin suggests accepting Eren to the scouts to use his powers to take Wall Maria. A merchant argues that they should reinforce the gates, while the priest tells him that the walls are sacred and mustn’t be meddled with.

Eren affirms Zachary that he can control these titan powers, but according to reports, he threatened Mikasa’s life after transforming at Trost. Mikasa reluctantly confirms this, which makes everyone gasp, but she adds that Eren has already saved her in two incidents before.

The Decision

The police warn them of Mikasa’s bias, being Eren’s adopted sister. He also adds that the two had murdered their kidnappers before, making them unfit to carry the fate of humanity. As a result, others suspect Mikasa of being a titan too. Eren insists that they’re wrong and are falling into selfish agendas. He calls everyone a coward and insists they should back him up as a weapon if they genuinely want to fight.

The police get concerned about his outbursts, but Levi comes in and beats Eren up for everyone to see. Levi demonstrates that he can care for Eren without turning into a titan. He asks if anyone else in the room can kill Eren if he transforms.

Erwin proposes to have Levi watch over Eren to see if he’s beneficial to humankind. Levi assures Zachary that he can kill Eren if he has to.

Later, Erwin apologizes to Eren for what transpired and shakes his hand. Hange looks at Eren’s mouth and sees that his tooth has regenerated already.

Our Thoughts

The many factions in this world add more depth to the show that not a lot of anime can achieve. Rating: 4/5.

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