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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2


Over a century ago, beings that prey on humans suddenly appeared. Their overwhelming strength pushed humanity to extinction, causing the survivors to construct the walls Maria, Rose, and Sina. They enjoyed relative peace until that one fateful day.

Chaos engulfs the Shinganshina district as titans start terrorizing the city. A man continues to preach while the citizens flee toward safety. He ends up getting devoured by a titan.

Eren punches and yells at Hannes for stopping him from saving his mother. Hannes throws him to the ground and tells him he does not have enough strength. Hannes painfully admits he couldn’t stand up to the titan as well. They both cry as they head safety.

The citizens flee to the boats to evacuate into the next inner wall. The district juts out from the other structures, making it vulnerable to an attack but also suited for evacuations. Armin, whos now on the boat, sees Eren and Mikasa approach and sees the looks of shock on their faces.

As the titans are about to leave, the guards start closing the gates. Suddenly a rumbling sound emerges, revealing another odd-looking titan. It charges straight into the wall before the gates close and smashes into it, creating another opening and blasting the guards away.

The Key

News of the breach on Shinganshina and south of Wall Maria spread throughout the country. Titans have emerged to devour humanity once again. Eren stares in shock as he realizes he’ll never see his home. He shouldn’t have argued with his mother. Now she is gone because he was weak. Eren stands up and angrily swears that he’ll destroy every one of them.

Ten thousand people were eaten during that incident. That year, the Royal Government ordered everyone to withdraw behind Wall Rose.

Dr. Jaeger rushes back to his family, fearing the worst.

Eren wakes up from another strange dream where his father plunges him with a syringe and tells him to remember the key. His voice is full of distress and plain, and Mikasa tells him it’s just a nightmare as they head off to find food. He sees the key dangling from his neck and hurriedly tucks it into his shirt.

All the boat refugees are gathered near a food stockpile for rations. Everyone is on edge with no guarantee that they’re safe yet. Armin approaches with loaves of bread for each one of them. A guardsman sees this and scoffs since there isn’t much to go around. Eren lashes out at him, but Armin and Mikasa hold him back and apologize.

Plotting Revenge

Eren wants to go back to Wall Maria to kill every one of those Titans, and he doesn’t want to be like those guards acting all tough when inside the walls. Armin argues that they’ll die if they do something, just like their parents. Eren calls him a wimp, so Mikasa punches him for it.

If he’s a wimp, she explains, then so are they. They can’t even get their food, much less fight a Titan. She then shoves a loaf inside Eren’s mouth, remembering Carla’s words to keep them safe.

The refugees were sent to work on a wasteland to cultivate food. The following year, some of them were sent to re-take Wall Maria. Of the 250,000 people that went, not even 200 survived. Their loss wasn’t in vain, as it helped ease the food shortage.

Eren blames it all on the Titans. So he tells Armin about joining the scouts to gain the strength to defeat them. Armin says he’ll join, and Mikasa follows to keep Eren safe.

Our Thoughts

It seems like there are nefarious characters inside and outside the walls. Hoping to see how our leads respond to their challenges. Rating: 3.8/5

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