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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 24 Recap – Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 24 Recap - Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2


A few days ago, Levi and Eren waited alone at the Scout Regiment base for Commander Erwin’s arrival. Eren apologizes for making the wrong choice back then, and Levi responds that it couldn’t be helped.

Erwin finally arrives with Eren’s classmates, bearing the news that they’ve already discovered the female titan’s identity. He hands them the plan to capture her at Stohess district, insisting they’ll have to do it before Eren receives his sentence. The plan is to lure the female titan underground. If she transforms before that, Eren will have to decide what to do.

Eren is surprised to have learned that the suspected titan was among their classmates and that Armin figured her out.

The underground passage explodes as Annie Leonhart transforms into the female titan. Armin regrets having Annie suspect their ambush from the start. They’ll have to regroup with their squad and have Eren fight her in his titan form.

But as soon as they regroup with their squad, Annie stomps down the tunnels and kills the reinforcements. Armin figured she missed Eren on purpose, which means she was more intent on capturing him.


Annie continues stomping down while the three plan for an escape. Eren promises to take care of it, but his titan transformation doesn’t work even after gravely wounding himself. Mikasa asks him if he still has qualms about killing Annie after all this time, and she reminds him of his comrades that the female titan killed back then.

During the briefing, Levi asks Armin if he has concrete proof of his suspicions. Armin admits that her having Marco’s ODM gear is their only lead, while Mikasa affirms that Annie and the Female Titan look alike. Mikasa asks Eren if the fight against the Female Titan bore any similarities with Annie’s techniques.

In the present, Mikasa asks Eren if something else is getting in the way. Armin suggests he and Mikasa exit the two ends first to make room for Eren, and the two move immediately.

Before they can execute, Annie stomps down the tunnel, and Eren gets buried under rubble. Mikasa fights her in the air while Armin returns to rescue his friend. Mikasa falls to the ground after one counterattack, but several other scouts come to reinforce.

Commander Erwin tells Nile from the Military police that they’ll have to mobilize their troops right now. The titan has arrived. Nile tries to stop Erwin, citing that it’s impossible to have a titan within Wall Sina.

Plan C

Meanwhile, nearby citizens flee as the Scout Regiment fights the titan.

Annie counters effectively against her foes, but Mikasa learns from Levi and targets her ankles.

Meanwhile, Jean arrives to help Armin wake Eren from unconsciousness. Jean yells at Eren and reminds him of Marco’s death. Armin adds that those who can’t abandon anything can’t change anything, and he has to give up his humanity to rise against the monsters.

Armin confronts Annie, while Jean distracts her from behind and executes their next plan. They lead the Female titan to a trap prepared by Hange and the others, with hooks and traps that finally pin her on the ground. Hange threatens to torture her, so Annie lashes out and kicks out of the traps from below. They didn’t prepare enough after all.

While trapped under rubble, Eren remembers Armin’s words and thinks about the friends and family he’s lost. He remembers his purpose to drive all the titans out and kill them. He finally transforms and greets Annie with a punch.

Our Thoughts

Finally, Eren gets on the move. I’m not complaining, though, as the other scouts put up a valiant effort. Rating: 4/5.

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