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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3


The surviving squads argue with the captain about their position. Protocol suggests they should move back to the safety of the next wall, but that would mean giving up on resupplying the soldiers in the vanguard.

Mikasa surveys the rooftops and realizes titans have overrun the depots. Supply soldiers are huddled inside in fear, and one decides to shoot himself to end this ordeal.

Jean and Connie’s squad are now trapped, unable to reach safety without a resupply of gas. Connie tells the despondent Jean that they should fight for it or die from the titans, but Jean doesn’t think they can manage it with only cadets and no veterans at their side. Hopelessness and regret sink on them both as Sasha tries to cheer them up to no avail. She finds Armin staring at nothing.

Meanwhile, Annie and Reiner’s squad wait for an opportune moment to strike. Their companion, Marco, ponders on his existence.

Mikasa finds Armin in his depressed state and asks him if he’s okay. She asks for Eren, but all he can do is cry as he recounts how his squad mates died valiantly in battle. The others hear him and suspect a similar fate for themselves. Armin apologizes to Mikasa, but her face remains blank as she asks him to stand. She formulates a plan to return to HQ for resupplying and volunteers to kill the titans that stand in their way, citing how strong she is compared to the others.

Fight or Die

She calls everyone cowards and wimps who twiddle their thumbs and watch. The others tell her it’s no use, but she resolves to fight or die and leaves. Jean curses Eren for his influence on her and calls for everyone to follow her lead.

Sasha parrots her and calls everyone cowards before moving forward, causing the remaining cadets to rally and support Mikasa. Mikasa glides faster than usual as she cuts down her foes, but Armin knows she’s using too much gas. She isn’t her usual self and is merely expressing her anguish.

Sure enough, she falls as her gas falls short, and Armin and Connie help her. As a result, Jean takes over the rally.

Mikasa kneels on the ground as she realizes she has lost her family again. Behind her, a titan approaches.

Jean and the others also lose their gas before reaching HQ, blocked by a group of titans. Several of them get caught, and he suddenly regrets his decision to move.

Odd Titan

Mikasa thinks about how cruel this world is and decides she’s lived a good life with Eren. She closes her eyes. As the titan grabs her, she reflexively fights, surprised that she hasn’t given up yet. The titan smacks her again and again, but she continues to stand. She knows it’s all pointless and can’t figure out why she’s doing this.

Suddenly, another Titan appears behind her. She remembers Eren’s words with no hope of survival, telling her to fight with all her being. She apologizes to his memory, saying she’ll never give up again. If she dies, she’ll be losing memories of him too, so she grips the blade and prepares to strike.

But then the titan from behind her attacks the other titan. She stares as the abnormal titan roars to the sky and kills the other in front of her. Armin then arrives and takes Mikasa back to the rooftops.

There they see the abnormal titan fight another of its kind, using a punch that seems too coordinated for their like. They watch as it moves on to fight another one. Armin realizes it’s not attacking them. He switches gas tanks with Mikasa and tells her to be careful this time. Mikasa realizes how careless she’d been the whole time.

Our Thoughts

A peculiar titan joins the mix, is this cause for hope? Rating: 4.2/5

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