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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Historia

BY Harris

Published 1 week ago

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Historia

Buried Secrets

We flashback to the 104ths winter training sessions in the past. Reiner reports to everyone that Christa and Ymir are both missing. Christa was last seen helping Daz, who wasn’t feeling well, but they still haven’t returned. The last squad let by Thomas hasn’t seen them as well. Getting lost in a blizzard like this could prove fatal to anyone.

Eren volunteers to find them, but their superiors prohibit it. The rescue team will have to take care of them, or they’ll risk having more victims on their hands.

Meanwhile, Ymir tells Christa to give up on dragging Daz’s body, as it was his fault for overtraining before this test. Ymir suggests that they leave him or everyone will die.

Christa denies this, saying there’s still a possibility of them surviving. She invites Ymir to move ahead, but not long after, she stumbles. Ymir suggests she isn’t trying to save Daz but also wants to end her life heroically. Christa’s eyes go wide in denial.

Ymir asks if she’s an illegitimate daughter with people going after her life. Her suspicions were correct. Ymir overheard some of the pastors suggesting to end her as a way to resolve the complications for the nobility. They mentioned that she joined the cadets this very same year, which was why Ymir joined.

Ymir admits she tried to find Christa due to their similar situations. But when Christa asks if she wants to be friends, Ymir says they’re different, and she never would’ve given up her name and let her enemies win. Christa admits there’s no way for them to survive, but Ymir has an idea.

Hidden Savior

She suggests dropping Daz by the cliff near base camp and hoping for the best, but Christa won’t allow it. Ymir pushes Christa away instead and goes on without her. Now she tries to make her way alone but in view of the camp.

Eren and his classmates gear up and prepare to venture out to find Ymir in the storm until they hear a nearby sound and see Christa’s lamp blinking in the distance.

The blizzard clears as Christa arrives at camp. She finds Ymir already there and Daz warming up in the cabins. Christa asks how she survived the fall, so Ymir tells her the secret.

Ymir jumps down the tower and transforms into a tiny but agile titan who bites off the napes of the enemy below. Reiner and Bertholdt recognize her as the one who took their friend all those years ago. Reiner catches Christa from her fall and asks if she knew she was a titan, but Christa denies it.

The three boys suggest Ymir might know something about the enemy. Ymir continues to fight outnumbered but eventually gets caught and surrounded. Still, she prioritizes protecting the tower from falling.


Christa yells at her to stop holding back and destroy the tower if necessary. She obliges, and the tower leans and falls, so she returns and lets her friends ride on top of her to the ground. Still, Ymir gets severely swarmed and overpowered. Christa runs at her and yells that she hasn’t revealed her name, but a titan blocks her path.

Thankfully Mikasa arrives and kills the titan. She asks everyone to stay back and leave the rest to them. Hange’s squad flies in formation to defeat their foes, which earns Eren his first kill.

Mikasa and the rest clean out Castle Utgard of all its titans, but they find Ymir severely wounded. As she wakes up, Christa reveals her real name. Historia. Ymir sleeps with a smile.

Our Thoughts

Eager to know more about the backstories of these titans and what the implications of foreign provisions might be to this isolated country. Rating: 4/5.

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