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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Close Combat

BY Harris

Published 12 months ago

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Close Combat

Colossal Will

Eren remembers when they stepped out of the training facilities to spend time with Reiner and Bertholdt at the nearby view of the lake. Reiner tells him he can defeat the Titans with his unbreakable will.

Eren transforms and smashes into Reiner as they fall from the wall. Mikasa looks at her two enemies, regretting she couldn’t cut off their heads. The Colossal Titan pushes against Hange’s squad and puts Ymir in his mouth. Hange orders her troops to defeat the enemy and surround him. They find that the Colossal’s movements are slow, just as the reports stated. But as they approach the nape, the Titan emits a strong gust of steam that pushes everyone away.

The gust is strong enough to blow away their ODM gear, so Hange splits her team to surround their enemy. She orders everyone to forget about capturing him and kill him instead.

Hange takes her squad, including Armin, to face the Armored Titan.

Reiner punches Eren to the ground. Frustration burns inside Eren, remembering how Reiner lectured them on acting like a proper soldier. Reiner used to be the man he looked up to for his strength and leadership.


Mikasa attacks Reiner, but his body is much harder than Annie’s. Eren regenerates and remembers the first time the Titans attacked his hometown. He feels disgusted and pledges that they shouldn’t be allowed to exist anymore. He also remembers Annie, who he continually lost to during their training. She showed him how to throw opponents larger than her. Mikasa and Annie also had their rivalry, a spectacle for everyone in the class.

Armin calls Eren to lead Reiner back to the walls, but he doesn’t listen. Instead, he counters Reiner using one of Annie’s grappling moves and pounds him to the ground. Reiner attempts to recover but gets caught in an armbar. They go back and forth, with Eren unwilling to give up any ground. He pulls out one of Reiner’s arms.

Armin warns him that the enemy aims to kidnap him, so they’ll have to fight near the walls. He and Mikasa get ordered to retreat while the two continue to fight. Eren then follows his friends to the walls as Reiner tries to catch up.

Hange stands above Eren and tells him to break Reiner’s mobility as their blades aren’t effective against him. Reiner then rushes into him and tackles him to the ground. Eren recovers but is wary of the enemy’s boosted speed.

The Upper Hand

Hange tells Mikasa that gaps in Reiner’s armor should be vulnerable to attacks. She points to the back of the knee joint.

Reiner moves in for a tackle again, which Eren knows he can’t evade, so he goes in for a headlock and wraps his legs around Reiner’s back. Mikasa then follows up with an attack on Reiner’s exposed knees, causing Reiner to fall. Eren aims for the finishing blow and pulls out Reiner’s neck even further. He’s about to break him when Reiner struggles and crawls forward to change his position. After a short distance, Reiner stops and roars out, which Hange recognizes as a signal to call in other Titans.

The scouts get confident, as there are no other Titans nearby. Eren is about to break Reiner off, but the Colossal starts moving from its position and falls towards Eren and the others. The scouts yell at everyone to move out of the way.

Our Thoughts

Our heroes just can’t get a break. Rating: 4.2/5.

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