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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – Opening

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - Opening


After seeing Commander Erwin and the others go, Hange asks to see the Titan at Ragako Village to study it. Moblit tells her to stay because of her injuries, so he volunteers to go there instead.

Eren wakes up facing Reiner and Bertholdt with his and Ymir’s limbs still regenerating from being hacked off. Reiner apologized for doing so as they were in a hurry. Eren attempts to bite himself again, but Ymir warns him they’re deep in Titan territory. As they speak, a few Titans are stalking them below the trees. On top of that, only Reiner and Bertholdt are wearing ODM gear.

Reiner reminds them that their body is at their limits, so transforming is impossible. Ymir admits she’s clueless about Titan’s powers compared to the other two. She asks Reiner what he’s planning to do with them.

Reiner explains his plan to wait for nightfall to escape to their hometown. Ymir figures that he’s also at his limits, as he could have continued running as the Armored Titan. Eren contemplates an escape but will likely lose with all the Titans waiting below. He also figures that they won’t wait for him to recover and could do something drastic before night falls.

Eren thinks about the scouts and imagines they could be heading their way already. If so, everyone is in danger. He wonders where Ymir’s allegiance lies and figures he should hold back and learn as much from them until he can fight.

Clashing Emotions

Commander Erwin and the scouts push harder to arrive before night comes. Hannes warns Mikasa not to rush and veer off from the formation and to trust Eren to figure things out.

Reiner starts blabbering about promotion after all they’ve been through thus far. He starts talking about getting perks from the Scout Regiment and how Christa saved him at the castle.

This enrages Eren, but Ymir sees through him. Bertholdt reminds Reiner that they’re warriors and not soldiers of the Scout Regiment. This shakes Reiner’s worldview as he remembers witnessing Marco getting eaten by a Titan.

Ymir figures out that Reiner’s mind is split between his duty to protect or destroy the wall. His memories are dissociated from all his sins and atrocities. Judging by Bertholdt’s expression, it isn’t the first time he’s acted like such.

Reiner yells at her to shut it, and Eren calls him to stop playing the victim. He asks Bertholdt how he can talk to him before when he knows he’s the cause of his mother’s death.

The Enemy

Bertholdt admits he feels sorry for him, leading Eren to realize that they’re murderers with no heart. They should stop acting like they have emotions, as they turned the world into a living hell.

Reiner bursts into anger and asks him what he wants to achieve by telling them what they already know.

Eren swears to kill them when he gets the chance. Ymir tells him to stand down and asks the others about the beast Titan. The one who caused the recent Titan attack without destroying the walls. She figures it‘s the key to getting Reiner back home. Reiner appeals to Ymir that they have similar goals in protecting Christa. If she sides with them, they’ll ensure a better future for Christa.

Eren asks Ymir who the enemy really is, but she stays silent. They hear shots nearby and see the flares signifying the Scouts’ approach.

Our Thoughts

This episode is a tease for answers but also humanizes our big Titan antagonists. Rating: 4/5.

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