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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – Smoke Signal

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 1 Recap - Smoke Signal

Plans Delayed

Eren and the other members of the 104th cadets move in together in the same cabin. They’ve members of the new Levi squad officially. Armin wonders if they’re up to the task of protecting both Eren and Historia. When Levi arrives, they all argue about cleaning duties and food rations and call them for the next experiments on Eren.

Hange observes Eren’s latest transformation, which seems to be getting worse than last time. He can’t transform with his body inside the titan, forcing everyone to pull him out. At this point, Armin’s plan of sealing the wall with Eren’s hardening seems far gone.

Levi orders Historia to stay with Eren’s wagon as they’ll have to report to Trost. He remembers Pastor Nicks’s words, saying Historia is the key to everything.

Levi meets Erwin and discusses their options now that they can’t seal the wall yet. They talk about Historia Reiss’s heritage and puzzle out how a mere regional lord could know the mysteries of the Wall.

After recovering, Eren feels disappointed at having their whole operation shelved because of his failure. Connie, for his part, vows to defeat the Beast titan for what he’d done to his town. Now that Ymir isn’t with them, Historia feels lost about what she must do. She apologizes that she’s not the good-girl Christa they once knew, but Eren feels that she’s better this way.

Inside Scum

Hange arrives at their cabin bearing news that Pastor Nick was killed at the Trost barracks. The military police insist that it was a case of murder-robbery, but Hange sees signs of torture inflicted by the investigators. The culprits were from the Interior Military Police.

Hange sought to hide Nick in their barracks, not thinking that soldiers themselves would be sent to kill him. Judging from how many nails were taken from him, it seems that Pastor Nick didn’t reveal his secrets. Historia’s known importance with the squad still hasn’t been revealed yet.

Levi receives a message from Commander Erwin and tells everyone to evacuate and leave no trace of their stay. The government just sent an order to cease all Scout Regiment operations outside the wall, and they’ve also been ordered to hand in Eren and Historia.

Just after the messenger was handed the note, the Military Police came and arrested Erwin. Whoever’s hiding the walls’ secrets is now on the move. Levi decides to hide Eren and Historia in Trost to try and expose their enemy. Before Hange leaves, Eren hands her a note containing Ymir and Reiner’s conversations while he was abducted.

Two cloaked figures watch them from a distance, noting how quick the scouts are to deploy. One of them recognizes Levi as an old acquaintance.


Levi and the rogue scouts walk the streets of Trost on the day of the anniversary of the Kings Coronation. Nearby, police gather the citizens to hand out free rations.

Suddenly, a wagon arrives, abducting Eren and Historia, but they are body doubles played by Armin and Jean. Levi and Mikasa follow them to a nearby warehouse, noting that the kidnappers are amateurs. He asks Mikasa to take out the trash while he returns to the real wagons.

Mikasa raids the warehouse while Connie and Sasha cover from behind. They tie up the men and move to meet up with their captain outside.

Levi rejoins the other scouts in watching the real wagon containing Eren and Historia. His suspicions of another danger turn out true as the urban legend Kenny the Ripper arrives and ambushes them.

Our thoughts

Looks like the story has shifted to political drama, which should hopefully reveal more secrets. Rating: 3.8/5.

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