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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 10 Recap – Friends

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 10 Recap - Friends

The Old King

In a flashback, Kenny finds himself battling against a man with titan powers inside the Wall. He is Uri, Lord Reiss’ brother. Uri manages to catch Kenny with the titan’s hand. This is the first time Kenny was bested. Rod threatens to kill him, but Uri wants to know who sent him.

Uri recognizes him as an Ackerman descendant with a latent drive to fight. Uri lets go of Kenny and drop down from his titan form while Kenny points a pistol at him. Instead of fighting, Uri kneels and apologizes to him for how the Ackermans have been persecuted in their name. The gesture shook Kenny to the bone, making him want to work for him.

After that, Kenny was given a seat at the governing council which led the prosecution of the Ackermans to stop. One day, Kenny sought out his dying sister Kuchel who works for a brothel in the underground. There, he meets his nephew who turns out to be Levi. Kenny is forced to care for Levi, but he can’t act as a father.

He taught him how to use a knife so he could survive underground. He left Levi to decide on what he must do from then on out.


Sannes asks Kenny why he abided by the king after what happened, and he responds that Uri is the strongest. He believes power is all that you need to get to the top. This is what gave Levi after he lost his mother.

Before his death, Uri tells Kenny about his powers being passed down to Rod’s children. Uri foresees that this world will crumble soon but wonders how they became friends after their fight. Kenny waves it off as a coincidence, but for Uri, it was a miracle. After Uri’s death, Kenny saw the same look in Frieda’s eyes as she inherited the power.

Soon, Kenny becomes the captain of the Anti-Personnel squad. He shares with his personnel a vision of paradise where they can be greater than gods, but it all failed them last night. He wonders if Uri foresaw what had happened the previous day.

Now he faces Levi in his final moments. Kenny shows Levi a serum he swiped from Rod’s back, saying he could still live if he used it. He lives for a while as a dumb titan, but Levi notes he hasn’t done anything yet.


Kenny reveals he wanted power all his life but now sees Uri’s example of how power isn’t everything. He concludes that everyone is drunk on something to survive, even Uri. Levi grabs him and asks about the secrets of the titans, but all he can say was that the Ackermans were opposed to it. Kenny reveals that he is his uncle, and he left him that day because he can’t be his father. He hands Levi the serum before dying under the shade of trees.

Historia’s coronation commences in the town square, with everyone learning that she was the one who felled the titan at Orvud. Landing the final blow was her idea, but Erwin didn’t think it would come true.

The 104th cadets walk alongside Historia, as she tries to do her first bold act as queen–to punch Levi in the shoulder. The captain laughs and thanks them all for what they’ve accomplished.

Elsewhere, the Armored Titan and Bertholdt get defeated by the beast titan. He vetoes their plan to save Annie first and decides the first order of business is to take the Coordinate.

Our Thoughts

Now we’re slowly tipping the scale in favor of our protagonists, but I don’t suspect the road ahead will be any easier. Rating: 4/5.

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