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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 11 Recap – Bystander

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 11 Recap - Bystander

New Developments

Two months after the coronation, Histora gathers her classmates to help her on building orphanages and homes for underground orphans and victims of the titan attacks. The people see her as a goddess and savior, but Armin and Jean complain about having to do her menial tasks.

Historia checks on Eren’s training to plug up the walls and asks him what he’ll do should Reiner and Bertholdt appear once more. He says flatly that he’ll have to kill them. Historia thinks about what they’re going to do after all this boils over.    

The military’s numbers plummets after the changing of the regime as they had to conduct a thorough purge. Alongside that came the discovery of the precious glowing ores underground.

Using Eren’s hardening ability, Hange was able to develop a new type of anti-titan trap where humans wouldn’t have to be put in danger. The experiments put a significant toll on Eren’s health, but he finds it all worth the sacrifice.

Marlo joins the scouts and celebrates that they now have a fighting chance against the enemy. Furthermore, the scouts gained recruits from members of other regiments. Some of their classmates from the 104th cadet squad wonder why Jean and the rest of their group have significantly changed from their previous demeanor. Connie heads back to his town early to check on his mother, and the others wonder if there’s still hope to restore her as a human.


It dawns on Eren that they still don’t know who exactly their enemies are, but Mikasa stops him and tells him to finish his food first. Jean notes that Eren has been mumbling incoherently lately and reminds him of the familiar soldier he saw in his latent memories. He realizes that it was the commandant Keith Sadies himself.

Eren and the rest meet with Sadies the next morning. It has only been months since they graduated, but Sadies can’t hardly recognize them anymore. Sadies explains how he met Grisha twenty years ago in front of Shiganshina. Grisha’s memories had been lost except for his full name. Grisha decides to be a doctor inside the walls, and wants to learn everything about their society with Sadies.

Grisha notes that there’s relative peace inside the walls, but Sadies argues that it isn’t enough. As a scout who yearns for freedom outside, Grisha calls Sadies a chosen one.

One day, a serious plague hits the district, which Dr. Jaeger prevented by himself. Sadies was also promoted as commander during that time, and he watched Grisha marry a barkeep named Carla.

Sadies’ operations outside were wrought with failure, and Carla asks him if he should keep on doing this. He argues that they can only accomplish greatness by doing this, and that she shouldn’t meddle in his affairs. After that incident, Sadies found he wasn’t special at all and decided to hand the title of commander to Erwin.


When the titans attacked Shiganshina years ago, Sadies met Grisha in the ensuing panic.

Eren tells his father that Carla was eaten, causing sorrow for both Sadies and Grisha. Grisha entrusts Eren to avenge Carla as they go to the woods, but Sadies questions if the boy could really do anything. Grisha tells him to stay out of it.

That night, Sadies saw lightning in the distance and found Eren alone in the woods. Sadies was the one who took him back to Armin and Mikasa at the shelter. Hange criticizes Sadies for stepping down when everyone needed him, but Eren shares the same feeling of not being special as the commandant. All he knew is that his father is special.

Back then, Carla told Sadies that he doesn’t have to be special to be alive. Like little Eren, being alive already makes him special. It turns out that it was Sadies who sabotaged Eren’s ODM gear during training, but found that he couldn’t go through after seeing the boy’s determination.

Our Thoughts

More pieces for the puzzle that was laid down from the first season! Rating: 3.8/5.

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