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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 14 Recap – Thunder Spears

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 14 Recap - Thunder Spears

First Moves

The scout regiment faces the beast titan along with its lackey of normal titans. Behind them, Reiner starts climbing the walls. Erwin sees a four-legged titan alongside the beast, which carries a piece of luggage on its back. This could possibly be the enemy’s scout, which means the enemy could have more intelligent titans with them.

The best slams into the ground, which prompts the smaller titans to move toward the scouts’ horses. The enemy is planning to cut off the regiment’s escape route with larger titans waiting on standby and acting as natural barriers for escape. This way, the scouts would also lose their supply lines and would soon be starved for resources.

Learning this, Erwin commands two squads to protect the horses below while Hange and Levi’s squads face the Armored Titan. He gives them permission to use their thunder spears and orders everyone to give their hearts to the cause. Erwin holds Levi back and entrusts him to kill the beast titan when the time comes. Armin stays back as well, receiving a crucial order to execute alongside Hange.

The Armored Titan reaches the top of the wall to find it empty while the scouts mobilize below. Reiner breathes a sigh of relief as he was able to evade Levi’s killing blow by transferring his consciousness to his lower body. He then finds Erwin still standing beside him, but Reiner’s first objective is their horses.

Bait and Battle

Suddenly, Eren transforms behind them and runs towards the rear wall. Reiner realizes that Erwin is trying to bait him into changing tactics. With no other option, he decides to chase Eren.

Armin received the order to use Eren as bait as they all knew Reiner would follow. The alternative could be for Eren to wrap around the beast titan and threaten him alongside Levi’s men. Armin also warns everyone that Bertholdt is still out there, so they should stay away from the walls as they fight.

Eren hardens his fists and moves into a close-combat fight with Reiner. With his newfound mastery, he manages to chip off Reiner’s armor. He’s more determined to fight now that he’s on his hometown.

Marlo joins the squad tasked to defend the horses and finds Levi defending them against the small titans. Erwin sees much of their forces get defeated by these smaller enemies, revealing that they have been growing much weaker. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices to get here, and now he feels he’s standing on a pile of corpses. Still, he has to learn the truth written behind Grisha Jaeger’s basement.

The Spears

Reiner manages to trip and throw Eren to the ground, but Eren dodges and they lock on to each other. The two go back and forth with no clear indicator of who has the upper hand.

Back then, Hange realized that their blades were ineffective against the Armored Titan, so they developed a new type of weapon to defeat him. Eren makes an opening by grappling Reiner but he manages to break free. Meanwhile, Mikasa and Hange closes in around Reiner, carrying spears that they thrust deep into Reiner’s eyes and detonating it.

Jean, Connie and the others follow up with an strike on his nape and they finally manage to create an opening on Reiner’s back. Hange insists that they should finish him off. Sasha and Connie hesitate since Reiner was their comrade, but Jean reminds them they’ve all prepared for this scenario.

They all repeat their volley against Reiner’s back and Reiner panics as explosions barrage him from every direction.

Our Thoughts

Looks like the beast titan has brought more secrets with him now that he’s lackeys have been discovered. Can’t wait to see more. Rating: 3.8/5.

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