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Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 19 Recap – The Basement

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 19 Recap - The Basement

A New Titan

During his sleep, Armin catches a glimpse of Bertholdt‘s memories. He wakes up on top of the wall to find Sasha in terrible shape. Eren catches up to him and hugs him, glad that he has returned. He asks them what had happened, so Levi tells Eren to explain it to him.

It all comes as a shock to him that only nine of them had survived from the hundred Scouts that came. It has been four hours since the battle, and there hasn‘t been another sighting of any other survivors. Armin asks why he was chosen instead of Erwin. Levi admits it was his choice in the end, although Mikasa and Eren will be punished for insubordination.

Hange agrees that Erwin should have been chosen, but Levi had the last call. The responsibility already lies on Armin to justify that decision along with the weight of losing Erwin. Armin feels the pressure of filling such big shoes, but Levi tells him to do his best and make his friends‘ decision count.

Now that Hange is commander, she orders Eren, Mikasa, and Levi to go and reach the basement once and for all.

Eren and Mikasa feel the nostalgia of venturing back into their old home in a place that is already in ruins. Alongside these are memories of the ill-fated attack on Shiganshina that ruined their lives. Thankfully, the fires from the earlier Colossal attacks did not reach their home. Eren finds the trapdoor leading to the basement, so they clear it of debris and huge rubble.

The Descent

They descend through the staircase. Eren uses the key to unhinge the lock, but it doesn‘t budge. The key isn‘t meant for the door, so Levi kicks it down. The lamp illuminates Dr. Jaeger‘s laboratory and study, filled with books and medicine that look inconspicuous enough to fool Interior Policemen.

They all search the study until Mikasa finds a keyhole hidden in the desk. Eren uses the key, and it unlocks, but finds it empty until Levi notices the false compartment that lies within and pulls it off. Inside is a book with a bottle of oils to protect its pages.

Eren and Mikasa brace themselves as they open the book together.

Back in the Military Headquarters, Commander Nile talks about Erwin‘s hunch that there could be humans outside the walls that weren‘t wiped out by Titans. The young Erwin saw within the government‘s history books that their records weren‘t objective enough to conclude the opposite was true, and now the thought haunts them. An officer reports the return of the Scouts, so citizens outside rejoice as they learn that Wall Maria has been retaken.

Grisha‘s Life and Secrets

Back in the basement, Eren finds a picture of Grisha‘s old family using a technology that isn‘t present inside the walls. Grisha‘s book explains that humanity lives outside the walls. He wrote the book to explain all of his experiences.

A young Grisha and his little sister Fay went outside wearing armbands on their sleeves to signify their identity. Their mother reminded them not to go beyond the walls of their village. Grisha promised that they‘ll be back safe as a zeppelin flies above them. They chased the large airship till its view gets blocked by the walls. Fay expressed her wish to ride it someday when they get older.

Seeing her sister‘s love for the airship, Grisha took Fay outside the walls to find where the airship lands. The naïve decision would soon drive his fate and the future of humanity.

Our Thoughts

The reveals can‘t come any quicker! Rating: 3.8/5.

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