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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – Pain

BY Harris

Published 11 months ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 2 Recap - Pain

Kenny The Ripper

A group of operatives appears from the sky to ambush Levi. A man leads them named Kenny the Ripper, who uses two guns and ODM gear just like his subordinates.

Kenny greets Levi, noting that he hasn’t changed at all. Levi dodges with his cloak and zips away through the buildings and alleyways.

Eren and Historia get shot by tranquilizer darts while their driver is killed and replaced by Kenny’s troops. Kenny and three others pursue Levi while he flees through the city streets, zipping around gunfire and various obstacles.

He ends up hiding behind a bar while Kenny brandishes his two guns. Levi asks him why he’s now working with the police, the ones he despised the most. Kenny says he’ll never understand, as he was just a boy when they last met. He adds that he’d never thought Levi would his techniques so well. Kenny warns him he’s surrounded from all directions.

He figures out why Levi joined the scouts, stating they’re both murderers who won’t hesitate to kill for their benefit. Levi distracts Kenny with a rifle shot and blasts him outside. He then distracts the others with a chair and attacks the men on the roof.

Sasha and the others hear the gunshots, and Mikasa relays Levi’s message. From now on, they won’t be fighting only titans but humans as well. She zips forward to reinforce. They reach Eren and Historia’s wagon and find Levi, who’s fighting another agent.

New Enemies

Levi commands them to guard the wagon and not hesitate to kill the enemy. They’ve already lost three others from them. Jean arrives at the wagon, but he hesitates and meets the end of a barrel.

A message arrives from Lord Reiss to the governing council reporting that they’ve now caught Eren and Historia. Commander Erwin has also been taken, so there’s no need to take further action.

After being sent to his room, Erwin asks Nile if they can trust the government to make the right decisions for humanity. Nile asks him what he intends to do, and Erwin responds that he’ll gamble again.

Armin shoots the agent threatening Jean as he takes the driver’s seat. More agents pursue them and take the wagon while Sasha rescues Armin.

Levi and his men retreat inside a warehouse, where Armin contemplates the life he just took. Jean apologizes for hesitating to kill her first. Levi tells him there’s no turning back, that Jean would have died in her place.

They start interviewing the merchant named Reeves, who kidnapped the fake Eren. He admits they’ve been doing dirty jobs for the police. Levi bargains with him to tell them what they know about Eren and Historia’s current location.

Change of Heart

Hange reports to Erwin about the current abductions and fears that Eren will be eaten soon.

Reeves leads two of the dirty Military police to Levi and his squad. Levi and Hange torture and interrogate the man named Sannes about Eren and Historia’s current location.

In the nearby room, Armin laments that they’ve changed to criminals, fighting beings who aren’t intent to eat them but fellow humans.

Sannes keeps quiet, citing that everyone he did was justified for the King and the safety within the walls. After a deceptive ruse, Hange and Levi return the next day, and Sannes reveals that Historia is part of the royal family.

Kenny slits Reeves’ throat outside while he’s waiting for his companion. Kenny isn’t concerned about finding out where Levi is, as he was the one who raised him, and he knows he’ll emerge eventually.

Historia and Eren are taken to a man named Rod Reiss. The man hugs her daughter and apologizes for everything he has done.

Our Thoughts

These moving pieces don’t seem connected to the titans at first glance. Hoping that there’s more down the line. Rating: 3.8/5

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