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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – Trust

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 4 Recap - Trust

Way Out

Two Military Police members search the forest for Levi and his scouts’ whereabouts. They are Marlo and Hitch, who used to be Annie’s squadmates. They find Armin collecting water by the river and attempt to arrest him, but Levi and Mikasa ambush them from behind.

At the capital prison, Commander Erwin gets interrogated for his crimes. Outside, a few journalists interview Commander Nile about his views on Erwin’s arrest, but they are forced to keep quiet about the Interior Police, fearful of the threat posed by Kenny and his crew.

Hange saves Reeves’ son Flegel from being pursued by the Military Police. She wants to use his witness account to exonerate the Scouts, but the influence of the Interior Police proves too much for him. Still, his only safe alternative is to run and hide, so Hange forces him to follow her plan.

Levi plans to use Hitch and Marlo’s uniforms to disguise themselves as Military Police and find any leads for Eren’s location. Hitch stands up to Levi, saying they were responsible for the hundreds of deaths at Stohess. She asks Jean if she’s Annie’s friend, regretting that she didn’t have the time to get to know her before she died.

Levi tells them the truth about Annie and decides to let them go. Hearing this, Marlo decides to give them what he knows so that he can help, but Levi refuses as they wouldn’t know what they’re getting into.

A Test

Jean volunteers to cut off their bonds, but not before threatening their lives first. Hitch knocks him out, but Marlo figures that he was just testing them. This earns Marlo their respect and trust, so Levi follows their lead to a nearby Military camp. They barge through the gates with a wagon, and Levi captures the Interior Police leading the group.

Elsewhere, The Military Police finally corner Flegel Reeves to execute him, but he begs them for information about why his father was killed. The men tell him their father was a traitor who knew too much and transferred allegiances to the scouts. Flegel tells them that what they did was unjust. The men are about to shoot when Hange and Mobilt arrive from above to stop them. Alongside them are witnesses amongst the townsfolk who heard the police’s confession. Flegel promises he’ll help everyone in town against the danger posed by the police and declares himself as the new boss of their company.

Hange congratulates him and asks him to keep an eye on the Interior Police. Nearby, the journalists are watching.

Levi interrogates their captive about the location of Eren and Historia. The man tells him it’s no use, that all of them will soon be found guilty and hanged for their crimes. Levi tells him to shut up and adds that only those with a death wish join the scouts anyway.


The man weeps and tells him he doesn’t know, adding that Kenny Ackerman’s methods are too thorough. The name gets a reaction from Mikasa. On the other hand, Levi has only learned about Kenny’s last name just now. He grabs the man’s elbow, but Sasha alerts them of some incoming troops.

The man tells him it’s no use and that they’re bound to lose.

Nile visits Erwin in his cell, who is battered and bruised after his interrogation. He tells him that the King will announce his sentence soon. Erwin looks at him and asks how his family is doing at their house in Stohess. Erwin reveals that he entrusted something to Pyxis and that Nile should be ready when it happens.

The next day, Erwin is brought in front of the king and his council. They invite him to say his final words.

Our Thoughts

The military coup/plot is great, but the lack of titans is getting worrisome. Rating: 3.8/5.

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