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Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – Wish

BY Harris

Published 1 month ago

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - Wish

Cavern Raid

Rod Explains to Historia that Frieda isn’t dead. If she wants to meet her half-sister, she’ll have to take a dose of the serum–the same serum that Eren saw in his memories.

The cavern entrance opens, with Armin and Mikasa throwing barrels of gunpowder to the ground and Sasha shooting it with a flame arrow. Levi and Mikasa move in to attack, with the rest covering their movement using smoke. Levi surveys that they have thirty-five enemies and commences the plan to take them out.

The smoke distracts the Interior Police members, something that doesn’t faze the scouts after their experiences in the field. Jean kills one of them while Connie defeats another. Sasha helps by shooting arrows from afar while Armin coaches them beside her. The Interior police’s weapons are limited by their bullet count, which necessitates them to reload after two shots. Levi and Mikasa wipe out much of the opposition until Kenny joins the fight. Levi goes against him one-on-one while Mikasa chases Kenny’s lieutenant.

Kenny distracts and wounds Levi with dirty tricks, but the captain has some of his own and manages to land a hit. Hange intercepts the lieutenant but gets caught by a grappling hook and falls to the ground.

The interior police retreat and switch into defensive positions, moving back into a closed-off section of the cavern.

The Power

It suddenly dawns on Historia that she’ll have to inherit the titan power. The cavern and the walls were created using the same power, which has protected their family and humanity for many generations. The titan also wiped their memories except for a few clans. Humanity’s history was gone from everyone’s mind except for Frieda’s, who learned all of it as she inherited the power when she was 15.

At this very chamber, Frieda ate Rod’s younger brother after using the same serum. It has been a ritual passed on by their family for generations. Rod tells Historia that Frieda could have saved everyone without Grisha stealing the power. Only those from the Reiss bloodline can take those powers to their full potential, making it a waste to languish inside Eren’s body.

Kenny then comes in after hearing everything and threatens to kill Rod for lying to him, as he also wants to inherit the power. He points out to Historia that he’ll have to eat Eren during the ritual. Historia stands up and declares that it’s her duty, but Kenny reminds her that Rod only wants her to do it because he doesn’t want to turn into a titan himself.

To shake things up, Kenny decides to wound Eren and provoke him into transforming. Rod insists again that Historia must transform with the serum and eat Eren. She holds the injection to her arm and wonders why Eren isn’t protesting.

The Decision

Eren looks up and realizes that his father’s meddling also caused the loss of all their friends, as Frieda’s power could have stopped the attack. He feels the guilt of his existence and agrees to offer himself to her to save humanity.

Historia is about to do it, but she remembers Ymir’s words about living her life genuinely. She asks her father why their family didn’t do anything to eliminate the titans outside the walls and protect humanity after all this time. Rod explains that even his brother who questioned the same thing, changed their mind after inheriting the power. He justifies it as the will of God.

Historia slaps away the serum and knocks his father down, breaking his back. She then climbs up to free Eren and punch his crying face.

Desperate, Reiss licks off the serum on the ground in hopes of reuniting with his family and transforms.

Our Thoughts

So many big things are happening with hardly a moment to keep up. This series needs some re-watching, which isn’t a bad thing. Rating: 4/5.

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