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Beastars Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – A Wolf is Born

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - A Wolf is Born


Kibi, the anteater, notices the hair on his friend rabbit’s back. He really did cheat on her girlfriend with Hal. It turns out Hal has slept with many other men in the school. Rumors have already spread about her many exploits.
Concerned, Kibi heads back to the gardening club.
Hal is in her undies in the club room and is about to unbuckle Legoshi’s belt when he screams, confusing the rabbit. Legoshi puts a blanket over her and runs away. Hal feels guilty for misunderstanding him. She didn’t expect him to act differently from a carnivore.
Legoshi runs down, panting and confused. Kibi meets him to apologize and asks what happened to the wolf. He tells him the rumors about the rabbit, letting him know her reputation—a slut.
They forgot the flowers, but Legoshi muses how she takes good care of them, treating them like children. He leaves, saying she’s actually a nice girl.


In the gym, Rouis is awarded the Cherryton School Honor award for outstanding performance. He addresses the crowd, promising that the drama club will promote coexistence and co-prosperity.
Backstage, the mongoose Kai doesn’t buy it. He asks Legoshi if he wants to be an actor and wonders how the wolf was recruited for their club; most are handpicked for their talents. Each has its unique trait. Legoshi can’t think of any for him but wonders what Rouis traits are.
A mouse scolds the PR team for not getting a close-up photo of Rouis in the paper. He pressures them to sell the deer’s image as much as possible to generate more income.
One of the photographers worries about her camera battery. She has a hunch Rouis might slip up on the second day, and that would be a better story than his first-day performance.

Fangs and Antlers

Back in his room, Rouis inspects his worsening injury. He hides his bandages as Legoshi comes in looking for advice on the lighting. The deer notices the wolf fidgeting as he speaks. Legoshi admits he’s insecure about his sharp claws. Upset, Rouis lectures him about taking responsibility for his strength and aggression—to show his fangs instead of hiding them.
Legoshi says it’s against the law. Annoyed, Rouis pushes him, forcibly opening his mouth and exposing his fangs. He challenges Legoshi to bite. The wolf obliges but staggers and catches himself. He admits he needs to be sneaky, that there’s nothing good about wolves being strong. On the contrary, he tells Rouis his strength is admirable and inspiring. Everyone will come to see it tomorrow.
The wolf leaves a brooding Rouis.

A New Light

The school announces Biology day. All the students gather to experience rooms suiting their specie’s natural habitat. Lizards come to a humid room; polar bears enter a frozen one. Legoshi and the other wolves are in a moonlit room.
Legoshi remembers Hal and how it was the first time he’s ever been treated like a man. He leaves the moonlit room for the rooftops. The experience with her put him in a new light. He realizes he’s happy, and he should accept the feeling. He wants to see her again.
Backstage, Rouis readies himself for the play. His leg is getting worse, but he cannot accept any mistakes. He is determined to put on a show for the excited freshmen. He gives an inspiring speech to his clubmates, but doubt consumes him inside.
His leg wavers as he makes his entrance, but it doesn’t stop him. Legoshi is impressed by his senpai, who gives a vulnerable performance as the Reaper.
The crowd gives a round of applause as the curtain falls. Rouis falls unconscious.

Our Thoughts

Overall, an excellent episode about the differences between the deer and the wolf. Both are acting opposite their nature: herbivores and carnivores. The CG animation is also getting better than the wonkiness of the previous episodes. I rate this 3.5/5.

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