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Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – The Chef‘s Suspense

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - The Chef‘s Suspense


While cooking food for his friends, Riz notices how his sense of taste has changed. He remembers the night he devoured Tem, thinking that the alpaca gave his own life willingly. This reminds him of Legoshi and Pina, who may end up sabotaging his school life. He’ll need to find a way to shut them up.

Legoshi finds himself battling with his internal struggles and desires. First, with the situation between him, Rouis, and Riz. Then comes the dirty dream he had of Haru the night before. Suddenly, Haru visits him after class and invites him to go outside.

Haru compares Rouis with Legoshi, noticing that they’re the complete opposite. The former is headstrong, while the latter is meek and full of innocence. She hurls herself at him and tells him she loves him but suddenly blurts out that she’s worried about Rouis.

She clarifies that their relationship is over, but she’s still worried about him. Rouis has been ignoring her calls, making things feel even worse. Legoshi wants to hug her back but hesitates due to her fragile form. Instead, he holds Haru back and tells her he’ll do his best. This confuses the rabbit, but he can’t say anything before sorting things out himself.


Pina gets into trouble as he mistakes the name of his date for another girl yet again. He goes to the bathroom to compose himself but finds Riz suddenly standing behind him. The bear threatens him and Legoshi to back off, or he’ll do something drastic. Pina plays it off nicely, but the bear demonstrates his seriousness by sucking on the sheep’s finger.

Riz leaves Pina on the bathroom floor. Pina is relieved that he’s still in one piece. The sheep realizes he’s still desperate to live after all.

During rehearsals, when Juno is about to cut off Pina’s head during the play, Pina gets a surge of inspiration and gives off an eye-opening performance. His speech implies that he’s not afraid of Riz and his threats.

Ibuki gives Free a gun in case he threatens to eat Rouis, adding that Free has permission to shoot if the worst happens. It’s a good trade-off considering the success the boss has been giving them.

In the library, Pina and Legoshi discuss what happened at the club. They’ll have to do something before someone gets hurt again. Pina plans to turn himself into bait, but Legoshi refuses, only to learn that the sheep has already started it with a note left in Riz’s locker.


Legoshi scrambles his way back to retrieve the note, but Riz arrives and mistakes Legoshi for the one who planned the ruse. The wolf stands his ground. They‘re ready to fight, but Riz suddenly gets a headache. He’s about to take the honey from his locker, but Legoshi swipes it away.

Riz warns him of the consequences of what he’s about to do, but Legoshi accepts it wholeheartedly as the wolf throws the honey outside the window. They end up in a fistfight, with Riz showing his true nature. He swipes at Legoshi’s eye, blinding him with blood and drags him to the bathroom where no one can see.

There they bare their chests and continue with a bloody fight. Riz insists that predation will bring the species together, but Legoshi retorts that it should be love. A school worker checks up on them, but Riz tells them they’re not done using the room yet.

They agree to clean up the blood on the floor and leave, but Legoshi gets second thoughts. They clash one more time and agree to settle their differences on New Year’s eve.

Our Thoughts

I’m a little frustrated that Legoshi can’t just turn Riz in, considering his heinous crime. It seems to just hinge on some convoluted anime logic to keep the tension in place. 3/5.

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