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Beastars Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – A Busted Electric Fan

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Beastars Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - A Busted Electric Fan


Rouis elevates the Shishigumi’s income to almost match the gang‘s previous peak, thanks to their rapport with the herbivores. But Ibuki finds a snag in their operations when the ivory shipment for their hyper drug production goes missing. He sends the team to investigate.

Legoshi goes through his internal storage of scents collected through the years. Of all these, Rouis‘ scent stands out to him the most. Gohin awakens him as they observe a pair of gazelle meat addicts in an alleyway. He sends in the wolf again to take care of both of them. From the panda’s training, he manages to take care of them effectively and put them to sleep.

Later, the panda wants him to celebrate a job well done, but Legoshi isn’t satisfied with his progress and continues to train, worried that he still can’t beat Riz at his level. Gohin tells him to stop overdoing it and find an ally instead. Legoshi thinks about Rouis again and wonders where he might be.

The wolf asks the psychiatrist why he doesn’t send his patients to the police even when they’ve committed a crime. Gohin sees his patients as redeemable and only wants to help.

Tao visits Kibi to check on his injury. Kibi asks him to touch his arm to check his healing progress. Tao refuses, swearing never to touch a herbivore again, but Kibi insists he doesn’t want to be afraid of carnivores.

Tao approaches hesitantly but is overjoyed when he finds out that the anteater can now move his hands. Kibi knows Tao has suffered enough from the incident and thanks him for his visit.

Chance Encounter

Rouis and the Shishigumi enter a warehouse to find their suspect — Legoshi. They can’t believe this chance encounter is possible. Legoshi can’t stop wagging his tail from excitement at finally finding his friend, making the lions uneasy. They beat him up for his insolence.

Rouis feels disappointed, mistaking that the wolf has come to the Black Market to feast on meat. Rouis devises a test to expose him.

They take Legoshi to the Shishigumi headquarters where the wolf manages to lie out of his accusations. After some exchange, the lions buy the excuse that he’s a masochist escort. Meanwhile, Legoshi senses that Rouis has a plan for him. They present him with a meaty feast, but Legoshi refuses and makes an excuse that he’s a picky fox that dines only on tofu.

As a response, the gangsters boast that their leader dines on meat. Rouis gladly shows him eating meat.


They manage to be alone outside after dinner. Legoshi’s first instinct is to hug him, which catches Rouis off guard. He’s annoyed at the wolf’s innocent expression. Legoshi blames himself for Rouis being thrust into the role, but the deer insists it‘s his choice.

Legoshi explains he’s been training but hasn’t gone further with Haru. He invites Rouis to run away with him, but the deer refuses, insisting that the Shishigumi is his family now.

A scuffle ensues with the gangsters, but Legoshi manages to outwit them. He tells Rouis about finding Tem’s murderer before jumping off to escape.

News of Kibi’s rehabilitation reaches the drama club. Legoshi feels annoyed after hearing that Riz is interested in visiting him. The bear even has the nerve to condemn Tao for his wrongdoing. Legoshi confronts him for it, but Riz keeps his calm and makes the wolf look bad. Pina comes in and manages to diffuse the situation between the two.

Later, Pina warns Legoshi to keep his composure, not knowing that Riz is angrily watching.

Our Thoughts

I find it weird they haven’t told the police about Riz yet, but I guess they still find hope in him despite his despicable attitude thus far. 3.5/5.

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