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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

BY Kean

Published 12 months ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

When the investigators are about to get Arisa from Georgy, they realize she’s gone. Victor tells the police to do their job and start looking for his super bot. After talking to his head of security, Victor is disappointed that he wasn’t informed when the Liquidators got inside Cronos. The head of security reasons that it’s Georgy’s idea not to stop the bidding. Alexei confronts Victor and asks him where the story of the alleged murder came from. Victor lies and pretends he doesn’t know anything. Instead, he blames Alexei because it’s his job to ensure stories like such don’t ruin their reputation. Victor says it doesn’t matter if they lose Arisa because he can make a thousand super bots for the company once they win the bid. 

Arisa is in the car with Georgy when she asks if he’ll hand her to the police. Georgy says Arisa is very dear to him, but he can’t do anything about it. Arisa warns Georgy that any intrusion into her memory block might destroy her, but she also thinks that handing her over to the police is right. She knows that her memory can help destroy Victor, the main threat to Georgy and his family. Bars sends Georgy the coordinates of their meeting place and reminds him not to pull any tricks on him. When Gleb delivers the child bot, Boris, Victor gets angry. He’s disappointed that Gleb’s men couldn’t look after a woman, a child, and a child bot. He reminds Gleb that if the police find Georgy and Arisa first, they will all go to jail. But if both Georgy and Arisa disappear, they won’t have any problem.

Georgy meets with Bars the next day. Bars doesn’t want Arisa to leave the car, so she has no choice but to stay. From where they are, Bars points to Georgy where his family is. Then he says that Arisa almost killed him last time. Bots are not programmed to harm people, but Arisa is an exception. Bars says he’ll give Georgy his family, but he’ll give Arisa to him in exchange. Bars tells Georgy to turn off Arisa because she might kill them all, but Arisa doesn’t turn off. Bars is disappointed and says there’ll be no deal between him and Georgy in the meantime. 

A woman named Lara is at the hospital to discuss her upcoming surgery. The doctor says he noticed Lara’s name jumped from number 47 to number one in line for the operation. When he checked, he discovered that Lara’s been tried before for cyberattacks and fraud, so he returned Lara’s name at the end of the line. He warns Lara that he will file a court complaint if she attacks their server again. Lara says she’ll just pay for the surgery, but the doctor says the line-free operation costs 18 million. Lara calls Bars to know about the job he’s asking her to do.

After what Victor told him, Gleb knows he must do something to stop the detectives. Back at the office, Major Varlamov’s new partner arrives — Suponev. The colonel says that Varlamov needs someone from the Homicide Department to help him with the case, but he doesn’t know that Suponev works for Gleb. When Suponev learns something new, he immediately passes it to Gleb. He says Georgy will give Arisa to Bars in exchange for his family. Gleb tells him he has to find out where the meeting will take place and stop Varlamov from getting there. Because Varlamov is still wounded from the gunshot, his staff wants him to return to the hospital and rest. Still, Varlamov insists on working on the case. Suponev suggests to Vlad: to put a painkiller on Varlamov’s tea to make him feel better. Vlad agrees.

Victor shows Igor the broken child bot and tells him to fix it. Igor gets angry and says Svetlana will go mad again if she finds out what happened to Boris. He confronts Victor for being arrogant and tells him he always fixes what Victor destroys. Svetlana walks into the office looking for Boris. She says she did everything Victor had asked, so she wants Boris back. To calm her down, Igor says Boris is fine; Svetlana will have him soon. 

Georgy returns to the apartment to get the passports. He has a different plan in mind for his family. He gets surprised that Alla’s new husband, Leo, is there looking for the family. He confronts Georgy at first, but Georgy explains the situation, so he goes with him to help.

Vlad and Irina find Major Varlamov unconscious and continuously bleeding. They immediately call an ambulance to get him to the hospital. Vlad decides to be the one to look for Arisa and Georgy when they meet with Bars. Suponev volunteers to help. When they arrive close to the meeting place, Vlad receives an update about Varlamov’s situation. The doctor said that Varlamov took a powerful anti-blood clot pill. Upon hearing it, he suspects Suponev had something to do with it. He points the gun at him and tells him he must explain himself. Suponev moves so fast and shoots Vlad multiple times, killing him. 

Bars arrives at the meeting place with his men and Georgy’s family. Georgy arrives at the meeting place with Arisa and Leo. Bars’ men put chains on Arisa’s hands to ensure she can’t harm them. But just before the exchange happens, they notice red lights pointing at their bodies. Gleb and Suponev leave their cars wearing masks and tell everybody to kneel. With guns pointing at them, they don’t have a choice but to follow. Suponev hits Georgy, so Arisa breaks the chains and attacks Suponev. Then she lets out a deafening sound, strong enough that it messes with the signal of Gleb’s machine. Shots fired. Georgy grabs Alla and Sonya and boards them in their car. Because Egor is in the other car with Zhanna, Georgy returns and stays with Egor. Then he calls Arisa to get in the car as well. Zhanna had been shot, but Bars refuses to take her to the hospital. Instead, he tells Georgy to help his sister. Suponev tells Gleb that they have another problem. He shows Vlad’s dead body. Gleb checks if he’s wearing a bulletproof vest then he shoots Suponev. Suponev makes a call saying they’ve been attacked.

Our Thoughts

Things just got messier. There’s a new character named Lara. She’s good with hacking, so maybe Bars plans to have her change Arisa’s program. Then she’ll use the money for her surgery. Egor is part of the family, but he’s nothing but trouble. They could have been out of the country if he didn’t stay with Zhanna. Of course, Georgy doesn’t want to leave Egor behind. 

It’s clear now that Victor is just a nobody without Maslovsky and Gleb. Maslsovsky does all the thinking, and Gleb does all the work. Victor is just bossy. He doesn’t even have plans. He just tells them to ‘fix something,’ and that’s it. Maslovsky would always turn the other cheek when Victor looked down on him, but he got furious when he saw the broken child bot. He’s worried about Svetlana, so he fights back for the first time. We honestly don’t know what will happen now. It’s hard to predict because everything keeps on changing.

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