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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

Gleb tells Suponev to blame Georgy and tell the police that Georgy killed his partner. If Georgy gets caught and goes to prison, Gleb says he will make sure Georgy won’t ever go out again. Meanwhile, Georgy insists that Zhanna must go to the hospital. He says they don’t have the equipment to do a proper operation, but Bars doesn’t want to, thinking they‘d take her away if they see the gunshot wound. Georgy deals with Bars and says he‘ll operate on Zhanna on one condition. Bars leaves the building to look for medicine and equipment for the operation. He takes his men and Egor with him. Lara gets to work and starts looking for a way to access Arisa’s memory. She wants to connect to a port, but Arisa has none. She’s so amazed by Arisa’s programming and how smart she is, so she helps her out by checking on Georgy to make sure he’s still alive. Zhanna almost dies, but one of the Liquidators frees Georgy so he can help her. Arisa also helps out. 

Egor worries about Zhanna and how they can find the supplies needed to help her. Bars tells the driver to stop the car. Then he pulls Egor out, returns inside, and drives off again. When Egor turns his head, he sees his mom and stepfather waiting for him. He refuses to go with them because he wants to stay with his girlfriend, but Leo persuades him and says that unless he goes with them, Alla and Sonya won’t leave. Egor takes his bag and goes home with them.

Bars and his men arrive at a clinic and rush to get everything they need. Bars ensures they‘re only there to get what they need for Zhanna. But one of the members sees the line of robots at one side of the clinic and remembers how they replaced him. He says they‘re the reason he got fired, so he takes out a knife and stabs the memory chips of the robot. Bars tells him to stop because they only have one mission. Noob, the member, realizes that Bars loves his sister more than his team and mocks him in front of the others. While they fight, a police car parks outside the clinic. Bars wants to leave, but the others refuse to go while the police are there. Bars goes back to their base with only one member.

Lara is frustrated that she can’t hack into Arisa’s memory, so she just wants to destroy her and get the chip. Arisa reminds her that hacking into her memory could destroy her. Zhanna’s condition destabilizes, so Georgy plans to take her to the hospital. Bars arrives just in time and hands Georgy everything he needs for the operation. He tells Arisa to show the data on Zhanna’s vitals. Lara offers her monitor so Arisa can connect to it and Georgy can see the vitals. 

Igor tells Victor that he can’t fully fix Boris. He can restore the memory, but the problem is that the bot‘s body is destroyed. They don’t have a body just like the bot’s because it‘s an exclusive model. Igor worries that Svetlana will lose her mind again if she sees Boris in such a condition. 

After the operation, Arisa realizes that Lara has downloaded all the memory files when she connected to Lara’s devices. Arisa says she didn’t disconnect because the operation on Zhanna was ongoing. She tells Lara not to give her files to Bars because he‘ll only destroy her afterward. But Lara needs the money for her surgery, so she sends Bars Arisa’s memory files. Then she tells him that he can just give her Arisa instead of paying her. She tells Bars there‘s no footage of Arisa killing someone, but Bars says he‘ll only pay Lara when he’s done checking all the files.

He checks the footage in Arisa’s files and sees one where Georgy talks to Leo. Georgy said something about telling Varlamov where he’ll be meeting Bars for the exchange. Bars gets angry and confronts Georgy. He thinks it‘s Georgy’s fault that Zhanna got shot. Lara tries to free Arisa, but Bars returns and sees what she’s doing. He grabs Lara’s shirt, but Arisa defends Lara and attacks Bars. When Bars lie unconscious on the floor, Lara and Arisa free Georgy and leave the building. 

Victor brings the child bot back to his home. Svetlana runs to the living room and is excited to see Boris again, but when she opens the box, she sees the destroyed body of the child bot. She runs back to her room, threatening Victor that she‘ll tell her father what he did. Victor puts down his drink and chases Svetlana to her room. He removes her bracelet so she can’t call anybody, then asks his bot to give him a rope. He takes Svetlana to her room and ties her up. He tells her he loved her before, but Svetlana ruined everything they had. Victor admits that after the bidding, he‘ll take away all the money and leave the country. Then Alexei, Svetlana’s father, will be forced to explain why they can’t manufacture their promised super bots to the minister. Victor takes a pair of scissors and stabs himself in the thigh. He says Svetlana must return to the asylum because Victor will say she tried to kill him. 

Egor hears his mother and stepfather talking about him. Alla says she can’t stay in another country if Egor refuses to stay with them, so Leo admits that he only said what he had to to get Egor to come with them. Egor packs his things while everyone is asleep and takes the train to return to Zhanna.

Our Thoughts

So Bars would rather see his sister die than lose her? We think that‘s a bit too much. It‘s a matter of life and death. They just got lucky that Georgy was there at the time. If not for him, Zhanna would die, and Egor would hate his father. We‘re wondering why there are only a few of them — Bars and his men. Since moving to their new place, they keep losing members. They can’t even do their usual events because they don’t have many members anymore. And Egor is only there because of Zhanna.

The exciting thing here is Lara doesn’t answer to anyone. She does what she wants to do, but you can’t be sure if you can trust her or not because she only thinks of herself. You can never predict what she’ll do. She also lies a lot, so it’s hard to say when she’s telling the truth. But one thing we’re sure of is she’s so amazed by Arisa. She even asked Bars why he would destroy something as good as Arisa.

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