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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Lara and Georgy stop for a while to eat. Lara tells Georgy she wants to help Arisa to escape; Georgy just happens to be there. She also took from Bars the device where she put Arisa’s memory files. But just a while ago, she called someone and sent a photo of Arisa to that person. When Lara comes out of the store, she sees a policeman and a wanted poster of Georgy. She goes inside the shop to warn Georgy, but the police are also there. Lara distracts them until Georgy reaches the door, but another policeman is about to walk in. So Lara covers Georgy’s face by kissing him. Arisa, who is sitting inside the car, sees them. Lara shows Georgy his wanted poster to explain why she had to kiss him. Georgy says he’ll go and meet Varlamov because he’s the only one who can help him. 

Zhanna helps her brother after finding him in chains. She tells Bars that it’s time for them to stop what they’re doing and move forward. Bars agrees and says they should travel and live somewhere new, but they must find Arisa and Lara before leaving. Zhanna is against the idea. She says Arisa only brought them trouble. Because of Arisa, she‘s wounded and Bars almost got killed. But no matter what she says, Bars wants to find Arisa. 

Igor asks Victor what happened to Svetlana. Victor says his wife is perfectly fine; nothing to worry about. Alexei calls Victor to tell him they didn’t win the first bid, and the minister is reconsidering the bid results. So there will be a second round in two weeks. Alexei tells him to make a new Arisa if they still can’t find her. Igor reminds Victor that he ordered Gleb to kill Arisa, so Victor immediately calls Gleb to cancel his last order. Victor turns to Igor and tells him to prepare Arisa 2.0 for the bid. Even if she’s remote-controlled, they only need her to show Alexei and the minister.

Egor returns to Zhanna, but she’s mad at him because she thinks Egor has already left her even when she‘s wounded. Egor says Bars tricked and threw him out where his mother and stepfather were waiting. Bars sees Egor and points a gun at him. He plans on taking him hostage and asking Georgy for Arisa, but Zhanna begs her brother to leave Egor alone because he doesn’t know anything. 

When Georgy and the others arrive at the Cyber Crimes Department, he wants to go in alone. Arisa doesn’t want to let him and insists she goes in with him. But Georgy wants to talk to Varlamov alone, so she tells Arisa to just stay in the car with Lara. In the office, Major Varlamov asks Suponev about Vlad’s death. Suponev tells him that he couldn’t do anything to save his partner. The Liquidators left the scene as soon as the attack was over. Varlamov asks if there‘s a chance that it wasn’t Georgy who shot the police dead, but Suponev insists it‘s Georgy. When Georgy sees Varlamov, he wants to talk to him immediately, but he recognizes Suponev and thinks that he is now working with Cronos. 

Lara brings Arisa to someone else’s house. She hacked into the system to get inside because the owners are not there. Arisa reminds her that she’s being unethical. Not only did she break into someone’s house and use their things, but she also kissed Georgy. Arisa makes it clear that Georgy already has a family: her, Egor, and Sonya. And it’s Arisa’s purpose to look after that family. When Arisa goes upstairs to charge herself, Lara calls her friend to ask him about the auction. She wants money in exchange for Arisa, and she needs a huge amount.

Bars goes back to Cronos to meet Katya. Katya tells him that she controls another Arisa in the company. Only three people know of its existence: her, Victor, and Igor. She tells Bars they no longer need the original Arisa because they can use Arisa 2.0. They can use her to attack a human if they want to. While the two kiss, they don’t notice that security is taking a video of them. He tells the head of security that Katya works in Cronos, and the man is a Liquidator — one of the people who attacked them during the bidding. 

Gleb tells Suponev they must find Arisa and Georgy and bring them back to Victor. Suponev worries that he’ll get in trouble if they find out he’s the one who killed the investigator. They abduct a member of the Liquidators who left the group and force him to tell them where their new place is. 

Igor keeps on calling Svetlana, but she never answers. So he goes to Svetlana’s house while Victor is not yet there. The house bot tells Igor to wait outside the house since Igor’s arrival is not in his data. The bot even says that if Igor refuses, he’ll be forced to call the police. Igor uses a device to turn off the bot and looks for Svetlana. She sees her things scattered in her room and blood on a cloth. He checks the files on the house bot’s memory file and sees Victor attacking Svetlana. He leaves the house and calls Alexei to ask him to meet. 

Georgy talks to Lara and shares his problems with her. Lara suggests that since Georgy is not attached to Arisa in any way, he should just sell her. Georgy is against it because Sonya likes Arisa a lot. He doesn’t know that Lara keeps checking how much money the bid for Arisa is. To stop Georgy from leaving, she kisses Georgy and sleeps with him that night. Alla wants to break up with Leo because she always brings problems to him. Leo says he has everything he needs when he’s with them, so he’s staying. He promises Alla he will find Egor and bring him back.

Our Thoughts

Does Georgy like Lara? Why? Would he still like her if he knew Lara was already auctioning Arisa? How will Lara bring Arisa to the owner if someone wins the bid? Lara is smart, but she didn’t think this through. She has Arisa’s memory files. If only she knew how valuable those files are, she wouldn’t have to auction the super bot secretly. He could just sell it to Victor, or she could’ve sold it to Bars. Bars was willing to pay her, but she got too greedy and asked for the robot herself. 

Igor really loves Svetlana and wants to save her. He‘s the only one who can help her. We knew that Victor is a bad person, but we didn’t think he‘s such evil. Is he really just doing it for money? Or maybe he wants to get back at Alexei for looking down on him? But it‘s too much. He really worked hard to join the bid and the competition, only to lose. He just wants the money and plans to run away with it. It’s not the smartest move. He already has a lot of money and is an executive at Cronos. He should’ve just destroyed Arisa in the first place and saved himself from all this trouble.

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