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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Arisa catches Georgy and Lara having sex. She asks Georgy why he’s doing it with Lara and not with her. She also asks why Georgy is not getting Sonya and Egor to live with them. Georgy gets really mad and tells Arisa that she’s a nobody to Georgy and the kids. He says Arisa will never be a part of his family, which confuses Arisa because her only purpose is to take care of her family. Arisa turns off as if her battery had just died. Lara panics and asks what happened. She tells Georgy that Arisa is more important to her than Georgy. Georgy receives a call from Alla saying Egor is missing, so he leaves Arisa to Lara and looks for Egor. 

Bars and his men arrive at Cronos. They pass security by pretending they‘re there for an office party. Katya controls Arisa 2.0 as they all head to leave the building. They don’t know that the head of security is already waiting for them after getting a piece of information. He waits for them to do something, and that’s when he’ll send his men to catch the Liquidators. Just before Bars and the others enter the car, security comes for them. Katya tells Bars not to shoot and just run the other way. 

Lara keeps on checking Arisa’s system. She calls the contact information she found in Arisa. The student of Arisa’s creator answers the call. He says Arisa is rebooting and is moving onto a new level of development. He says Arisa was designed to be the perfect wife. Her purpose is to love her man, adopt children, and protect them at any cost. The creator also removed Arisa’s restrictions. She’s to obey only her husband. After the project was closed, Victor was the only one willing to accept Arisa. That’s how she arrived in Cronos.

Bars and the others run inside the building to go out on the other side, but there‘s security waiting for them there. Katya says there‘s no way out, so Bars hands his gun to Arisa 2.0 while she controls her. He says they‘ll take the video there. Arisa 2.0 points the gun at the security and starts shooting. They fight back, but Katya keeps using the controller to make the bot continue fighting. Bars’ friend, Moose, takes the video from the side and tells Bars they’ve done enough. Still, Bars tells him not to be scared, so they move to get a closer video. Bars’ friend gets shot while taking the video; the other one gets shot for still firing gunshots. Katya also dies taking the bullet for Bars. 

Suponev arrives at the Liquidators’ base and sees Egor and Zhanna leaving. When Georgy arrives there looking for Egor, he finds everyone gone already. Egor has nowhere to go, so he calls his best friend for help. He apologizes for all the bad things he said and asks for a favor. They carry Zhanna to his best friend’s father’s apartment. They think the father is away on a business trip, but to their surprise, the father comes out of a room. After seeing Zhanna’s condition, he says he‘ll call the ambulance. Georgy calls and asks if Egor is with them. When Egor hears Georgy is coming to get them, he carries Zhanna out of the house. When Georgy arrives, Egor ignores him. He blames his father for what happened to Zhanna. Georgy says they must bring Zhanna to a hospital, or she will die. Egor doesn’t want to because the authorities will take Zhanna to an orphanage afterward. Georgy says Zhanna will die if they don’t act fast, so Egor finally agrees.

They take Zhanna to where Georgy used to work. They beg the doctor to do the surgery on Zhanna, but while the operation is happening, Georgy’s previous superior comes out of his office. He says he‘ll call the police and will stop the operation from happening. When Arisa wakes up, she immediately looks for Georgy. Lara tells her that Georgy doesn’t care about her, so she should just stay with Lara. Arisa agrees if Georgy will tell her himself that he doesn’t care. When they arrive at the hospital, Lara sees the doctor and punches him. The police arrive and stop the commotion. Suponev, who has been watching them, approaches the police and thanks them for taking Georgy. Then he takes them from the police and brings them to Gleb. Georgy asks Arisa to attack Gleb, but Gleb has Victor’s remote. He uses it, and Arisa just shuts down. 

Igor shows the video to Alexei. It‘s the file he got from Victor’s house bot. Now Alexei knows all of Victor’s plans. He asks Igor what he wants in return. Igor says he doesn’t want anything; he‘s only doing it because he loves Svetlana. Alexei visits Svetlana in the hospital. She can barely talk. Alexei cries and says he will make Victor pay for everything he did. 

Georgy and Lara are taken to an abandoned building. Lara worries about what will happen to her since Gleb only needs Georgy. Georgy tells her not to worry because he won’t let them do anything wrong to her because he likes her — and because Lara punched his former boss. Lara tells him she has a tumor and has only one month left, two at most. Suponev takes Georgy to Gleb and Victor. They explain to Georgy that there‘ll be a second round of bidding, so they need him again. They say all charges against Georgy will be dropped as part of the deal. Victor tells Gleb that if Georgy disagrees, they must kill him that night. Gleb visits Bars in jail and tells him that he must take on one more case if he wants Zhanna to be okay. 

Our Thoughts

Gleb says Bars will be in jail for a long time, probably a life sentence. What will happen to Zhanna then? She should just go to the orphanage if it’s what‘s best for her. She doesn’t have anyone anymore. Egor is just a kid. It’s not like he can support them both because he’s still relying on his parents. For Bars, in just one night, he lost everything: his remaining friends and his girlfriend. 

Georgy moved on from Alla just like that when he met Lara. Last time, he‘s still in love with Alla and was trying to get back with her. Now he admits he likes Lara, but what will Lara do? Cronos and Victor don’t need her, but maybe they‘ll use her against Georgy since he likes her already. It’s sad that Arisa started rebooting when Georgy said she would never be part of his family. It’s like Arisa got confused and didn’t know how to deal with what Georgy said. She only keeps functioning because she has a purpose; she might start malfunctioning without it.

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