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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

Igor does something to Arisa’s program. Victor told him to only erase Arisa’s memory, but Igor says resetting Arisa is the same as erasing her memory. Igor says the important thing is that Arisa won’t remember them. When Arisa opens her eyes, she introduces herself and tells them to go through the authorization process to gain access rights. Georgy goes to Cronos to apologize to Victor. He admits he could‘ve saved his son but didn’t know it. Victor thinks Georgy is there to get Arisa back. He calls for Arisa and introduces Georgy. Georgy can’t believe Arisa doesn’t know him. Victor says he is the new authorized user and tells Georgy his apology is unaccepted. Arisa pushes Georgy away and stops him from following Victor. He tries to tell Arisa he‘s his authorized user before, but Arisa doesn’t listen to him.

The minister says the people can no longer wait to see the first batch of Arisas. Everyone is looking forward to it. Later, Gleb doesn’t know if Victor’s idea of blowing up the factory is good. People are bound to ask questions, so he suggests Victor to be at the factory with the minister and some journalists on the opening day. In that case, their plan would work. He says he‘ll get someone to do the job. Meanwhile, Igor creates a robot version of Victor, and he controls it.

The colonel says Suponev was finally caught. Suponev confessed that the guy Major Varlamov killed at the hospital was his buddy, so he killed his partner to get back at Varlamov. Varlamov is frustrated that the case is closed without Victor being a part of it. The colonel tells him to let it go. Varlamov refuses. Instead, he goes to Georgy to tell him to talk to Arisa. He asks for access to Arisa’s memory, but Georgy says Arisa is no longer his. When Georgy comes home, Nikolay asks him to deal with Egor because he has a problem, so Georgy accompanies Egor to the hospital to pick up Zhanna. But when they get there, she’s gone already. The nurse says the juvenile inspector came and took her away. They figure out it‘s not the inspector who took Zhanna, so Victor asks for help from Varlamov in looking for her; in exchange, he will introduce him to someone close to Victor. They meet with Igor Maslovsky. Varlamov says he needs witnesses, documents, and anything to use against Victor. Igor says he’ll offer Arisa’s memory because, in reality, he just blocked them. But before anything, they should help him get Svetlana out of the asylum. They take Victor-bot and put it inside the car while Varlamov talks for him. Victor-bot tells the asylum staff to get Svetlana before he calls security. Not realizing it’s only a bot, the staff does what he’s told, so they successfully get Svetlana out.

Gleb got Zhanna out of the hospital. He brings her to the abandoned mall and tells her to strike a deal with him. Zhanna finds out he’s the guy they call Wes. She refuses to cooperate, but Gleb shows her photos of Bars with blood on his face. He says Bars’ future depends on whether or not Zhanna will follow orders. Egor sees the tracker on Zhanna is on again, so he leaves the house and goes to where she is. He gets into the truck and overhears the conversation. Gleb tells Zhanna what to do. He reminds her to only drive until a certain point, to get out of the truck, to run to the side, and yell some Liquidator slogans. Then press the button on the remote before leaving. Gleb hands Zhanna the detonator and tells her not to make a mistake. When he leaves, Egor sits on the driver‘s seat beside Zhanna. She tells him to leave, but Egor says he wants to help.

The minister, journalists, Victor, and others are at Cronos’ factory already. It’s the opening day and is supposed to be the first day that the first set of Arisas will be created. Gleb listens to Victor’s speech and then signals Zhanna to act. Zhanna and Egor wear their masks and drive the truck in the factory. Zhanna tells Egor to stop because they’re not supposed to get too close, but Egor misses the spot for the truck. Varlamov and Georgy go to the factory after getting the information from Egor about the plan. They tell security there‘s a bomb in the factory. Egor and Zhanna exit the truck and shout the Liquidators’ slogan. Then Zhanna pulls Egor to hide. The security team runs to catch the two and warns the others to leave the factory. Victor panics and asks Gleb what to do. Gleb says the truck drove too close, so they’re in the impact zone. He tells Victor they can’t do anything about it. Victor gets angry and attacks Gleb. Gleb fights back, but when he’s about to shoot Victor, Arisa comes and attacks him. Victor hands a knife to Arisa and tells her to kill Georgy. Egor and Georgy tell Zhanna that Gleb is not really a Liquidator but someone who works for Victor. Georgy takes the detonator from her, and they all make their way out of the factory. Arisa tells Georgy to run because Victor has another detonator. Georgy asks if she finally remembers him. Arisa says she never forgot. She gets in the truck with all the bombs inside. She drives it away from everyone. Victor, already outside, pushes the button, making all the bombs explode. In the end, Arisa gets destroyed. Georgy stops Victor from getting inside a car and escaping. He beats him up until Varlamov stops him. 

Three months later, everyone has moved on with their life. Sonya and Alla stay with Leo abroad. Egor stays home with Georgy. Georgy is in a relationship with Lara. Igor still works at Cronos with Svetlana. Victor has to pay for his crimes, so they put him in jail. Gleb wants to finish everything, so he uses a drone to kill Victor through the jail’s window.

Our Thoughts

What happened to Arisa was really sad. Did they even cry because of her, or did they forget her because she’s just a bot? Sadly, she didn’t even get to see Sonya to say goodbye. They were really close. Egor really would do anything for Zhanna. He even stayed with her even if he knew there were bombs inside the truck. Victor was all alone in the end, so he’s not friends with Gleb after all. It was all about work. If he didn’t attack Gleb that day, maybe he could have helped him. But to get back at Victor, Gleb killed him.

Arisa never forgot about Georgy. She was just waiting for the right time. But did she stay with Victor because she knew Victor wanted her? Or did she stay because she wanted to kill him someday? Who looks after Zhanna now? We won’t be surprised if she’s staying with Egor. How will Igor handle Cronos? Will he create another Arisa? Maybe he‘ll focus more on Svetlana now that they’re finally together.

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