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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Gleb meets up with Bars. Bars tells him he has plans to make people know more about the Liquidators, but Gleb shuts him up and reminds him that he should sit, wait, and learn from smart people. He says Bars’ time will come. 

At Cronos, Victor shows Alexei the commercial ad of Arisa with her family. It’s the video that was taken at the picnic. He explains that the commercial is effective. Most of their buyers are middle-income families, and 82% want the exact bot model. Alexei says the plans have changed. They already have to compete in a TV show, and the competition will be live. Arisa has to win first place. Igor is worried because even if Arisa is a super bot, participating in a live show is difficult. Victor says they only need to know the scenarios that will be given and prepare Arisa. And because Arisa can’t be programmed, Georgy will have to train Arisa. 

Georgy realizes Alla is avoiding him. He asks for her cooperation to be a family again, but Alla reminds him she has Leo waiting for her in Australia. She says the family Georgy is talking about has long been gone, so he should let it go just as she did. Georgy hugs Alla, but Alla pushes him away and tells him not to talk about it anymore. Arisa walks to Georgy and says she made a mistake — Alla doesn’t always lie. She was being honest with everything she just told Georgy.

Egor returns to the Bot.Net to see Zhanna, but Bars stops his sister from getting close to Egor. He tells her to go back inside the bar; he and the others also ignore Egor. Egor tries contacting Zhanna, but since Bars is always with her, he stops her from picking up the call. 

Svetlana sees the commercial ad and recognizes Georgy. Victor explains the situation to his wife. Svetlana laughs and mocks Victor for working with the man who took away everything from them. He reminds Victor that he was so angry with Georgy that he wanted to kill him, but now he works with him. Igor comes over to check the child bot, Boris. Svetlana welcomes him and says Victor is not home, so she sleeps with him. 

Varlamov’s staff, Irina, talks to Georgy about Victor. At first, Georgy doesn’t want to listen and says they don’t have evidence linking Victor to Sergey’s death. Irina clarifies that she’s talking about a very different case. She says Victor is connected with the abduction and murder of 12 children. She says Victor’s firm made bots with the faces of the abducted children. Only when several bot-children were caught did they finally understand the crimes. Victor defends himself by saying he only followed orders and doesn’t know about the bots. Important people got involved, so the case against Victor was dropped. And that’s why Varlamov is determined to catch Victor.

Igor tells Svetlana that Victor has no choice but to work with Georgy. He says things will be easier if they can get the script or bribe one of the competition‘s judges. Svetlana tells him to fail the competition so Victor gets thrown out of the company. Maslovsky doesn’t want to do it because Victor is his boss and friend. He thinks that if Victor gets fired from the company, Alexei will also throw him out. Svetlana insists that Maslovsky is the brains behind Cronos. She tells him she‘ll take care of the rest. 

The commercial ad of Arisa airs. Victor shows it to Georgy himself, but Georgy isn’t happy about it. He complains that Victor didn’t value their privacy. Victor gets angry and reminds him that he was informed that they would be filmed and aired. He throws the glass he’s holding against the wall. As soon as he does, Arisa stands up to defend Georgy. Victor immediately apologizes, then asks Victor to honor the deal. 

After seeing the ad, Bars tells Zhanna to ask Egor to come. He tells Egor they have to check if he‘s a spy. Bars mentions Arisa and tells Egor to bring her to Bot.Net. He tells Egor that intelligent bots like Arisa shouldn’t be destroyed. 

Victor pays a huge amount of money to Gleb. He says Gleb’s idea of creating a controlled radicalized organization is working. Just as they intended, people hate the Liquidators. Victor reminds Gleb to make sure the Liquidators don’t start improvising. Gleb assures him that since he’s the one who created them, he can also end them.

Alla receives a call from Leo. After seeing the ad, he feels like he can’t trust Alla anymore. He thinks she’s lying to him and is back with Georgy. At the end of the call, Alla searches for a flight to Sydney. 

Svetlana meets with Alexei, tells him she wants to return to her normal life, and says she wants to fix her relationship with Victor. And because she wants to be a show host, she asks her father if he can help her. Afterward, she talks to Victor and Igor. She says she wants to host the competition show. Then she sends the show script to Victor to make it easier for them to compete. She says the information is top secret. 

Bars goes to Cronos in secret to see Katya. Katya reminds him not to come to the company because people might recognize him. Bars wants to know if Victor will get really mad if they take the super bot, Arisa. Katya doesn’t take him seriously and says getting near Arisa will be difficult.

Alla calls Marina over. Then she tells Georgy that she will take the kids to the aqua park. Georgy wants to go with them, but Alla says Marina came over to accompany them. Marina drives the car to the airport. The kids don’t have any idea where they‘re going. Alla already bought tickets to Australia so they can see Leo again. Marina asks Alla if she thought about what Victor would do to Georgy once he finds out that the family who‘s supposed to present at the competition ran away. The situation finally sinks into Alla, so she tells Marina to stop the car. 

After Georgy wakes up from a nap, Arisa tells him he has a delayed email from Alla. The email is about them going to Australia to live with Leo. Georgy gets angry, so Arisa reminds him she’s sensing a dangerous emotional state from Georgy. She blocks the door to stop him from getting out. She tells him that Alla has bought tickets for a flight that left half an hour ago. Georgy drives to a bridge and gets out of his car. Arisa worries because she thinks Georgy will kill himself. She adds she won’t be able to save Georgy if he jumps. Georgy says he won’t kill himself; he plans to throw Arisa off the bridge. When he tries carrying Arisa, Arisa refuses to leave the car. Georgy says that if Arisa doesn’t get out of the car, he will really jump, so she‘ll have no choice but to save him. Arisa grabs Georgy from behind, then snaps his neck. 

Our Thoughts

Alla is already married. And even if she and Georgy had a connection before, it‘s all in the past. What she’s doing is very disrespectful to Leo. Georgy is wrong in trying to seduce his ex-wife. He should just let it go. As for Igor, we didn’t think he’d do things behind his friend’s back. We know that Victor was always so rude to him, but still, what Maslovsky did was surprising.

As for Gleb, he sure does a lot of work for Victor. Not only does he clean up after his mess, but he also makes sure to get things done. We can’t say for sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Who’s the good guy and bad guy in this show anyway? It seems like everyone has their motive. And their goal is to only get what they want. If Bars gets to see Arisa, he might try to destroy her. But Arisa is a super bot. If he doesn’t destroy her first, Arisa might kill him. As for the last part, we think Arisa didn’t kill Georgy; she just ensured he lost consciousness.

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