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Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Better Than Us Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

After realizing she could be making a big mistake, Alla tells Marina to stop the car. Two men approach her and say Victor is unhappy that she wants to break the agreement. Alla goes to Cronos to talk to Victor. She admits that Georgy doesn’t have anything to do with her plan. She simply just wants to see Leo. Victor is disappointed. He says Alla is just in their way; they no longer need her. 

As soon as Georgy wakes up, Arisa explains herself. She says she only did it to protect Georgy. When they return home, Georgy runs to Alla. They don’t talk about what happened that day, but Alla looks extremely sad. The next day, Alla looks even more distressed. All the things that Victor told her kept coming back. She keeps on thinking that there‘s no way for them to run away from Victor. Georgy understands that Alla is scared. He assures her that nothing bad will happen. Georgy promises that he will ensure Alla and the kids get to Australia when the bid is over. 

While Igor is studying the show script, he notices a possible problem. They can easily train Arisa to answer calls and cook, but they‘re worried about letting her demonstrate her skills in combat because she has to spar with a human.

Meanwhile, Zhanna and Egor go to Kirill’s house to see his mom. Kirill left a note to Egor and asked him to give it to his mom since he had to leave, but when Egor got arrested, the police found the note and took it. Because he no longer has any note to give, Egor tells Kirill’s mom that her son asked Egor to relay the message. Kirill’s father asks Egor when’s the last time he saw Kirill. Egor tells him he saw Kirill before he left. Kirill’s father says Kirill was found dead, and since Egor was the last one to see him, they have to tell the police. They are both shocked by the news. When the man closes the door, Egor and Zhanna run away. Egor says it wasn‘t him who last saw Kirill but Bars. Zhanna gets angry that Egor is accusing her brother, so she leaves him to return to Bot.Net.

Georgy arrives at Cronos with Arisa. Victor introduces them to his security team who will teach Arisa how to disarm someone. Igor looks nervous, so Arisa asks him if he needs help. After the demonstration, they ask Arisa to disarm a member of the security. When the staff tries to stab Arisa, Arisa defends herself quickly, hurting the man’s hand in the process. Victor hands the knife to Georgy and tells him to spar with Arisa since he’ll be presenting her at the bid. Arisa takes the knife from Georgy without hurting him. 

Alla volunteers to train Arisa to cook since she’ll need the skill for the competition. Arisa points out that Alla doesn’t want to help her, so Alla admits that she sometimes has to do things she doesn’t want. Arisa checks on Egor because he looks sad that day. Egor thinks of a way to make up with Zhanna, so he tells Arisa to go to the club with him. He tells Arisa not to let the others know, but Arisa doesn’t lie, so Egor gets angry and just tells her to get out of the room. 

The next day, Alla brings Arisa to a shop to teach her how to cook. Arisa points out that she already has recipes in her program, so they won’t need training. Alla insists. Arisa does a good job serving the customers from the counter. She even suggests healthier options to the buyers, but when a woman orders something, Arisa refuses to give her what she wants because it won’t be good for her health “based on her body mass.” The woman gets angry because she just wants to eat and not be lectured. Alla stops Arisa and tells her to just give the order.

Georgy goes to a boxing gym looking for Major Varlamov. He says they‘re the same with one thing: they both hate Victor. He shows Major Varlamov the video of Arisa disarming the security and him. He points out that Victor and Igor looked nervous that day, even if there‘s no need for it because Arisa would never harm Georgy.

Later at home, Arisa talks to Alla about the incident at the shop. She asks what to do when people want something bad for them. Alla explains that Arisa only has to choose the right words to say. Arisa thinks she‘s being honest earlier, so Alla says it‘s honest but offensive. Then she tells Arisa to look for something nicer to wear. 

After finding out from Zhanna that Kirill was murdered, Bars meets up with Gleb. They only know him by the name Wes. Bars tells Gleb what happened to Kirill. Gleb admits he ordered it. He reminds Bars to remain disciplined. He says he‘s worried Kirill will talk to the police about the Liquidators, so he had him killed. Bars gets angry because Kirill is his friend, so Gleb tells him to focus on their mission and be willing to sacrifice anything because of it.

Arisa asks Egor if he wants to meet Zhanna, so Egor brings Arisa to Bot.Net. They don’t know that Victor’s men are following them. Because many people are in the club, Egor tells Arisa to help behind the bar. When Bars comes back to Bot.Net, he gets angry upon seeing Arisa. He wants to hurt her, but Zhanna immediately stops him. Egor leaves and goes home with Arisa. 

Georgy brings Arisa to the boxing gym, where Major Varlamov waits for them. He hands Georgy a knife, then asks Arisa to disarm him. Arisa does as she’s told but remains gentle. She says she thinks using force on Georgy is unnecessary, so Varlamov tells his friend Paul to get in the ring and use the knife on Arisa. Arisa defends herself and breaks Paul’s arm. Luckily, it’s only a prosthetic arm. They come to a realization. Robots’ first law says bots can’t harm humans. Not only did Arisa break the law, but she also did it intentionally to protect Georgy. They think that if Arisa harmed someone before and Victor knows about it, they can use the case against Victor. They ask Arisa if she can harm and kill people. Arisa says she can, but only to protect the family. They ask her if she has killed someone before. “No. There has not yet been a reason for me to do that,” Arisa replies.

Our Thoughts

We honestly thought Bars had something to do with Kirill’s death. It turns out it‘s Gleb who ordered the kill. Bars keeps on changing his attitude towards Egor. He told Egor to bring Arisa to Bot.Net, but he got mad when he saw Arisa. After finding out the truth, Bars might fight back against Gleb.

It seems like Georgy and Varlamov get closer to finding the truth, but we‘re surprised Arisa lied and said she had never killed someone. Maybe she learned it from Alla. Still, at some point, they will find out the truth. If Arisa participates in the competition and she has to disarm someone, she might hurt that person. Or worse, she might end up killing the person. They can only train Arisa because she can’t be programmed, but since Arisa thinks for herself and is unpredictable, they can never be sure what she will do.

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